How to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy to Prepare for Brexit

It has now been more than two years since the UK voted in favour of Brexit. Like it or not, it’s coming soon – is your business prepared for it?

A surprisingly small number of businesses have prepared for (or even considered) the impact that Brexit may have on their business. Politics aside, let’s talk about how your marketing strategy can help…

“Strive for the best – Prepare for the worst!”


Evaluate your target audience 

Put aside your own beliefs on Brexit and consider which way your target audience voted. If you are marketing to young adults (aged 18-24), consider that 71% of them voted to remain in the EU. If your business targets professionals, this would need to be considered – with 68% of people educated to degree level or higher, also voting to remain.

Take this example from Jigsaw. They cleverly executed a marketing campaign designed to reach out to this exact market… called ‘love immigration’.

The billboards were smartly placed in Oxford Circus tube station, in The City of London – where 75.3% of all voters, voted remain.

Another example of carefully considered marketing in the fashion world came from Holland Cooper. With their tag line ‘British Made Excellence’.

Designer and owner Jade Holland Cooper incorporates Britain into all of her campaigns. Her target audience is largely conservative and based in rural areas – the majority of which voted to leave the EU. She cleverly celebrates what British businesses are capable of and creates a high demand for British products overseas.

Remember: You don’t have to outwardly talk about Brexit, but it can pay to address the issues, without making it too obvious what you’re doing.


Market your business to countries outside of the EU in emerging markets

There are 195 countries in the world – reach out to them. Just be careful how you advertise your company when you do!

Generally speaking, trends (wherever they have derived) are fairly similar when marketing in Europe. If you want to look at marketing your business or products further afield, make sure you do your research! Find out about the countries values, traditions and trends.

For example, take the colour blue – It is considered the safest colour to use in business around the world…. It is largely used in branding in the UK and Europe for highly corporate companies (particularly banks), as it represents trust and authority. It is also masculine and used to represent the birth of a boy. However in China, blue is considered a feminine colour and in Thailand it’s associated with Friday!

Be mindful of how your branding will come across to other cultures and you will avoid any big mistakes.


Continue to Invest in Marketing

There is much uncertainty around how Brexit could affect businesses – of course there is. This doesn’t mean you should wait to see what happens. If you do, it will more than likely be too late.

Now is the time to invest (your time, money and resources) to make sure you come out the other end of Brexit even more successful than you are now. Don’t be disheartened and most importantly, don’t listen to media hype.


Let the experts help and guide you through Brexit

If you don’t know where to start with preparing your business for Brexit – let us help you. From an informal chat, to a fully kitted out Brexit strategy, we love to help other businesses succeed in this indeterminate climate.

We’re a friendly bunch here at MacMartin Creative and full of ideas! If you want to find out more about what we do and how we might be able to help you, get in touch!

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