A day in the life of Anna…

Whenever I get home from a busy day at work, my husband always asks me what I have done today and I can never quite tell him! His response ‘what is it you actually do!?’

So, I’ve documented my day. Here’s what I have been getting up to in the MacMartin studio today:

05:30: A wake up call from the little monster starts my day nice and early!

07:45: I arrive at the office, set up my computer, make a strong cup of tea and go through my emails. I then set out a plan for the day (with a checklist of course).

08:30: On Monday mornings we are all re-fuelled from the weekend, so we start each Monday in the office with an ideas session for all of our clients. We’ll discuss everything from social media strategy to completely bonkers PR opportunities and put a plan in place for each client.

09:00: The real work starts… Today I start the day by writing a blog article for a client and scheduling the launch on social media. I then reach out to key influencers in the industry to let them know about it.

10:00: I receive some website change requests from a client who has a website maintenance package from us. I add images to the gallery (and make them SEO friendly), add a new 2018 price list and upload their self-written blog post.

10:45: I recheck my emails, action a few bits and bobs and reply to messages… very officey!

11:15: One of our regular clients has asked for a new look website. Claire and I sit down together and put some design ideas down on paper. Claire focuses on the design and I make sure it will meet their overall marketing goals. We excitedly send over our initial ideas.

12:30: Lunch break! (Or rather, I eat my sandwich whilst checking emails once more).

13:00: I begin to create the artwork for a client’s regular newsletter and outline the newsletter ideas and layout. This is sent over for approval.

14:00: Meeting with potential client. We love to meet with new clients in their own environment to get the best feel for their business. Today we head to a local children’s clothes shop – I resist the temptation to buy all the shop contents for little monster!

16:00: Back at the studio, Claire and I run through our thoughts, ideas and put together a proposal based on our meeting.

16:30: My attention turns to social media. Iona (our social media manager) has scheduled all posts so that they go out at peak visit times. I check through all of the scheduled posts, check what’s trending make sure each post is the best that it can be.

17:00: I leave the office to pick up little monster and have some quality family time before bed.

19:30: Back to work from my sofa, making sure anything that hasn’t been ticked off my list is dealt with. No rest for the wicked hey?

Anna Martin – Technical Director at MacMartin Creative

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