Google Ads Audit

Review the effectiveness of your campaigns, competitors and seek out new opportunities.

The Purpose of a Google Ads Audit

A lot of time, money and effort goes into running Google Ads campaigns, so it is incredibly important that you keep them optimised and perform a Google Ads audit annually as a minimum. Whether you manage your Ads in-house, or with an external agency, an external audit from a third party can offer a unique insight and ideas.

A Google Ads audit allows you to review the effectiveness of your campaigns, review your competitors and seek out new opportunities.

Our Google Ads certified senior marketing strategists will utilise their experience, data and leading software to create a full picture of your Google Ads account. They will give you actionable insight into how to get better results from your Google Ad spend. 

Our Google Ads Audit Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Google Ads Audit?

Phase 1

Access your account

We’ll take you through how to give us access to your Google Ads account so that we can review your account fully through our Google client management account.

Phase 2

Review the data

We will review your current and historical data, analyse your competitors and explore opportunities within your account to increase your return on ad spend.

Phase 3


We will write a report, including a plan of action and will discuss our findings with you. You can then choose to implement this in-house, or we can help.

Honest Added Value

Each of our Google Ads audits are different and prepared for your business needs and goals. We like to give you a clear picture of your Google Ads health, recommendations for change and new opportunities. Each Google Ads audit is carried out by a senior strategist, always looking at the bigger picture, as well as the granular data.

It will help you to make the most of your spend and ensure you’re not burning money.

A unique perspective will help to identify any problems and opportunities.

It will help you to identify opportunities to outperform your competitors.

It provides you with a benchmark to measure your growth.

We can provide audits on the following campaign types: Search, Display and Shopping. We can also audit Performance Max Campaigns and Smart Campaigns.

This depends on the size of your Google Ads account. As a guide, you could expect a Google Ads audit to take 1-2 days (over a period of 1-2 weeks from initial meeting). This will cost from £600 as a one-off fee.

After our initial call and access to your Google Ads account, we will undertake research both manually, and utilising software to analyse your Google Ads performance and opportunities. Here’s how the process looks:

Get in touch.

We will take your Google Ads client ID number to add to our Google Ads MCC (our agency account). You will then need to verify this. 

Discuss/determine your business and Google Ads goals.

Review and report on current and historical performance.

Check account organisation and structure.

Look at the metrics that matter. 

Review your competitor Google Ads activity.

Find new opportunities.

Produce a full audit report.

Arrange an audit findings call.

From here, we hand over our findings for you to implement. Of course we would also be happy to discuss how we could help to implement any necessary changes if you wish.

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