Google Ads Competitor Analysis

Providing you with data driven answers, as well as identifying opportunities for your business.

The Purpose of a Google Ads Competitor Analysis

We can all be a little bit nosey when it comes to our competitors, and we generally make a lot of assumptions about them, how they operate and how they market their businesses online. The purpose of a Google Ads Competitor Analysis is to find the answers to these questions, with data, as well as to identify opportunities for your business.

By carrying out a competitor analysis, you will gain an insight into the Google Ads activity of your competitors, review the whole competitive landscape, discover new Google Ads competitors, and assess the keywords and campaigns.

Our Google Ads Competitor Analysis Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Competitor Analysis?

Phase 1


Find out who you’re competing with on Google Ads.

Phase 2


Take a look at which search terms your competitors are targeting on Google Ads.

Phase 3


Review the cost per click of these search terms and competitor spend estimates.

Phase 4


Take a look at what ads your competitors are running on Google (current and historical).

Phase 5


Produce a competitor analysis report.

Honest Added Value

Utilising software, as well as our strategic marketing minds, we gather data on the above, before presenting you with our findings and thoughts.

This depends on the number of competitors. As a guide, you could expect a competitor analysis to take 2-4 days after initial meeting. This will cost from £170 as a one-off fee.

After our initial call and access to your Google analytics, we will undertake research utilising software to analyse your competitors Google Ads. Here’s how the process looks:

Get in touch.

Provide us with access to your Google Analytics account.

We will work with you to identify your main competitors both online and offline.

We will review the search terms utilised by your competitors.

We will discover the Ads (and the copy) being used to promote the Ads.

We will produce a competitor analysis report.

From here, we hand over our findings to you. We would be happy to discuss some potential opportunities with you at this point.

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