Why ALL Businesses Should Write a Blog & How to Write One…

I could get really geeky and technical about the reasons to write a blog, but it would make for very dull reading, so i’m going to TRY and keep it simple…

Of course if you want some technical advice about blog writing, then please get in touch – I am the Technical Director after all!

1. Blogs drive more traffic to your website.

Why is that good I hear you ask? Think of it this way – If you had a plumbing business with branded vans; the more vans you had, the more people would see them and remember your business when the pipes burst! Blogging is pretty much the same; The more content you have written, the more likely it is to be spread across the internet, leading more potential customers to your website.

2. It gives you more things to Tweet about.

If you are anything like most businesses we work with, trying to keep a Facebook and Twitter page updated regularly can become a real headache. Well for every blog you write, you can post it on social media giving you relevant, engaging content. This is also a great way to get more people visiting your website – all because you wrote that blog.

3. It has long term results

Unlike Facebook posts and leaflets for example, blogs will continue to market your business for as long as the page exists on your website. Not only that, but if you write a particularly popular blog that gets visits regularly, Google (and other search engines) will think that your whole website is amazing and want to show it to more people – that is great news for your business.

4. It helps you to understand your customers

This may not be the primary reason that you choose to write a blog, but it is certainly true. Everyone has their own style of blog writing (and reading). By messing around with the style in which you write your blogs, you will get to know what your customers like and don’t like… and that information is powerful!

5. They can help to turn website visitors into customers

By using carefully thought out call to actions on your blogs, you can convert a visitor into a new customer without even speaking to them (it’s like magic!). Well I managed to get all the way to point 5 without using Jargon…

If you are not sure, a ‘call to action’ would be something like: ‘Get in touch to see how we can help you’ or ‘Download our brochure for 20% off’ Basically asking the customer to do something that might help you get more business!

Now you know WHY you should write blogs, but HOW do you do it?…

Use a catchy headline that accurately describes what the blog is about. 

It will just make people angry if they begin to read something that is different to what they expected

Act natural.

I’m sure you are a great person, just pretend that you are talking to a friend – don’t get too ‘businessy’ 

Don’t make it too long.

People are busy, leave out anything that is not necessary. Make it easy for people to skim read by using bullet points

Make it look nice.

Use pictures, break up big blocks of text and make it look good enough to eat!

Don’t forget your calls to action.

This is what will encourage readers to become customers

Write another one.

One blog on its own is no good. You need to write regularly. Have a system in place, or let us do it for you!


The value that blogging can add to your business is phenomenal, but it often gets seen as unimportant and is pushed to the bottom of the pile. If you are a relatively small business and need someone to help with writing blogs, then we can help you. We bridge the gap between agency and employee. Agencies are expensive and we understand that a new employee is a big commitment – send us a quick message if you think we might be able to help. 


Anna Martin – Technical Director at MacMartin Creative

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