Campaign Content Creation

Persuasive or inspirational copy, which resonates with your target audience.

The Purpose of Campaign Content Creation

If you have a purposeful, campaign-led, social media plan you are ready for action. The next step is to create the content. By content, we mean both the copy and the accompanying visuals. As a social media content creation agency, we create our content with a social-first viewpoint. This means it needs to be scroll-stopping. It also means that you’re not simply writing words, but persuasive or inspirational copy, which resonates with your target audience when they are on social media. We also consider the bigger picture and ensure your content is optimised for search engines.

Our campaign content is created a month in advance, but reviewed before publishing to ensure it is still highly relevant to both your organisation and your target audience.

Our Campaign Content Creation Method

What’s included in MacMartin Campaign Content Creation?

Phase 1

The groundwork

Before we begin producing content, we will ensure a social media campaign plan is in place for the next 3-12 months. This will ensure our content is produced in advance and carefully planned out with a clear purpose.

Phase 2

Creation of visuals

Our graphic design team will create the campaign visuals, whether that be branding imagery, creating graphics or producing social video content.

Phase 3

Keyword research

In line with SEO best practices, we will research your campaign topic.

Phase 4


We will then create written copy which will be engaging for your target audience, with a clear purpose and call to action.

Phase 5

Audience and budget

If we are creating content for paid ads, we will recommend an audience target and social ad budget in order to reach your goals.

Phase 6


Before handing over to you, we will review current trends and will make recommendations and amendments to our content if it has the potential to further goal success.

Phase 7


Once we have produced the content for a full campaign, we will share all content with you, make tweaks, if necessary, then hand over all of the assets.

Honest Added Value

We know social media can be time-consuming and often get put to the bottom of the pile. However, with there set to be 1.4 billion worldwide users on Instagram alone by 2025, your business must stay on top of the game. That’s why, as a social media content creation agency, we create our content with a social-first viewpoint, and give you all the tools you need to stay consistent on those all important platforms.

This depends on how much content we are creating and the format of content that we are creating. We will be able to give you an accurate quote upon completion of your social media campaign plan.

Your team are free to utilise your content as you wish; scheduling, monitoring and engaging with the content at a time which suits you and your organisation. If you wanted one less thing to worry about, our team can also help with social media campaign management.

Following the social media campaign plan, we will work on your content in campaign batches. This helps us to ensure a consistent theme and messaging throughout each campaign theme. We usually work with clients ‘a month in hand’ to ensure you are always well prepared when it comes to social media content.

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