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Email for Marketing: How to Make the Most of it

With so many marketing options available today, email for marketing remains as one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers. Why? Firstly, it allows a more personalised communication with your audience. Your customers must give you access to email them, so they are more likely to read your email. You can also split your email lists into different customer segments and personalise them according to your relationship, their buying choices and demographic. Secondly, you are not at the mercy of changing social media algorithms. Your email list is yours to keep and your reach is less likely to be impacted.

So, if you are looking to revisit email for marketing or add it as a new avenue in your marketing strategy, here’s how you can make the most it!

Create a lead magnet

Every successful email marketing campaign needs a database of active and engaged subscribers. Creating a lead magnet is an effective way to build your contact list. These usually come in a form of special offer or other value points that encourage people to sign up. For example, they’ll get an offer code or a freebie when they become a subscriber. Remember to take advantage of a welcome email. This is your opportunity to establish that initial connection. Most email providers will have this option, so use it in your email for marketing.

Make it personal and eye-catching

Although email is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and encourage conversions, you are competing against, potentially, hundreds of other promotional newsletters in their mailbox. How do you stand out?

You make it personal. That’s why segmenting your email database is such a great strategy, as it helps you to personalise your marketing to each demographic. Focus on providing value and understanding the needs of each target audience. For example, your B2B customers may enjoy a case study or a business report that may be completely useless to your B2C customers.

Furthermore, you want your email to stand out. Sending it from someone within the company rather than a faceless brand can be effective. We’d recommend concentrating on telling a story, making the tone of your emails personal and approachable, using a voice that appeals to your target market.

Email for marketing needs to catch the recipient’s attention. Your tagline is your elevator pitch, so make sure it stands out with a copy that is enticing and easy to read. Make your email design clean, straightforward, and simple to navigate, leading your customers to where you want them to click. Avoid big blocks of text, complicated jargon or confusing imagery.

Pay attention to your analytics!

Most email service providers will have a comprehensive analytics section. This is the best way to analyse what works and what you can improve in your campaigns. You can even send two different test emails to a small selection of subscribers to test their effectiveness. Then, send the best performing email to the rest of your database. Don’t be afraid to clear out your list of inactive or unengaged subscribers, or perhaps, send an email to check in if they’d like to stay on your database. Cleaning out your email list from time to time will improve your sender reputation.

Effective email for marketing with MacMartin!

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