Graphic Design Trends

5 Top Graphic Design Trends 2023

Graphic design trends 2023 are likely to be popping up in the adverts you see, the social posts appearing on your timeline, and in print.

Now we’ve reached a new year, see what is to come in the world of graphic design this year. Graphic design trends 2023 are likely to be popping up in the adverts you see, the social posts appearing on your timeline, and in print. Understanding what is likely to be popular is the first step to jumping onto the trends in time to capture audiences this year.

With numerous trends predicted it’s difficult to know which ones will truly take off. However, with design experts on hand here at MacMartin, we have our suspicions about what graphic design trends in 2023 are the ones to watch.

1: AI-Generated Graphics

Don’t panic, robots aren’t taking over just yet. However, we can now create some brilliant pieces of art and graphics from the advancements in AI over the last few years, and in 2023 we will start to see this really take off.

Now it’s 2023, AI is more accurate than ever before. Humans will need the vision and the ideas, but the computers can transform that vision into a real design. Whether you notice it or not, AI designs will begin to be utilised more and more in the next year and going forward.

2: Increase in Inclusivity

The most progressive and positive graphics design trend of 2023 is likely to be as an increase in inclusive designs. Grasping a true representation of societies in 2023 will have a bigger focus than ever. Ensuring that all ethnicities, cultures, disabilities, genders, sexualities, and religions are accurately portrayed in designs will be an important design advancement of the year ahead.

Companies understand more than ever how important it is to be accessible to all. One way to achieve this is through the designs they publish and the media they post online. This trend is all about normalising and celebrating differences.

3: Maximalism

Wave farewell to minimalism, it’s time for the maximalists among us to take the spotlight. Marketing in general is currently making the most of imaginative storytelling and capturing audiences through inspiring narratives. In 2023 graphic design will follow suite with this trend.

Images and graphics are likely to pack a punch in 2023. Expect elaborate designs, colours, and dimensions to start appearing in the media you see. Think ‘more is more’. Forget purposeful blank spaces and see how designs fill whole pages with colour and graphics to tell a story.

4: Returning to Retro

People have been on the vintage trend for a while now and we’re expecting to see this trend bleed into 2023. We’re not talking 50s or 60s vintage but instead a play on the retro eras of the 90s and noughties. Think bright colours and vibrant designs. You might have spotted some of this in 2022, and its popularity is set to continue.

It’ll be a play on nostalgia but with modern twists. Graphics will be inspired by the exciting pops of energy that were injected into designs in the 90s but interspersed with the other trends of 2023.

5: Moving Graphics

Video content is hitting serious heights in popularity, and graphic design is likely to follow suite. Through the rise of TikTok, the introduction of Instagram Reels, and even Shorts on YouTube, people are loving the snappy and engaging aspect of videos. Whilst graphic design has mainly been static in previous years, we are expecting a graphic design trend in 2023 to be motion graphics.

Motion graphics will be all about making designs more dynamic and introducing moving images to create animations rather than still images. This idea of motion graphics is to capture attention. With social media it’ll be all about stopping someone scrolling in their tracks to take notice of the graphic.

Make Use of Trends in 2023

Now we’ve completed a whistle-stop tour of the ins and outs of the graphic design world, it’s all about how you use these trends to benefit your business in 2023.

Need a complex graphic? AI generation could whip that up in no time. Simply type up the idea on your mind and you can expect options of graphics ready made for you in no time.

Want to emphasise the inclusive nature of your business? Ensure your graphics portray the welcoming and diverse side to your company.

Looking for inspiration for taking your designs in a new direction? It’s all about retro and maximum surrealism. Jump on bright colours, filling spaces, and intricate details.

Eager to capture attention? Hop on the trend of video content and introduce motion graphics to your marketing.

Capitalise on the upcoming trends and see your graphic designs become bigger and better this year. Get in touch and discover how MacMartin can help with all your Graphic Design needs this year: 01283 703626.