Leek Auctions

Case Study.

Leek Auctions

Leek Auctions is a local livestock market that aims to provide the best service possible to both vendors and purchasers alike throughout the Midlands and surrounding counties.

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The brief

Leek Auctions approached us because their website had become outdated and they needed a sleeker, more modern new site that could be easily maintained by their in-house team and that had built-in event functionality.

Designers To-Do List

A sleeker, more attractive and functional website

Dramatic increase in site speed and performance

Significantly smoothed their internal processes

Greatly improved customer experience

The solution

We began with a brand refresh to bring their colour palette up to date and then started to create the new site, using this branding as a foundation. During this process we identified that the method they were using to publish their market reports was unnecessarily labour intensive, so we built in the capacity for these reports to be published directly to their website. Similarly, to enter livestock into auctions customers were needing to download and print forms to fill in and then post to Leek Auctions, so we added the functionality to complete and submit these forms online instead. Crucially, we implemented the ability to view their events and the relevant information by creating templates for each category, that could be easily updated by staff, to automatically populate each event page with the correct information from a central source.

We ensured that our whole design process was built around internal usability, so that their team could continually and easily update information and maintain the site as they needed. We coupled this with initial training for them as well as offering ongoing support.

The Results

We successfully created a sleeker, more attractive and more functional website for Leek Auctions that also resulted in a dramatic increase in site speed and performance. The shift we were able to implement from paper-based admin to online solutions has also significantly smoothed their internal processes and greatly improved customer experience.