Competitor Analysis

A marketing competitor analysis gathers important intelligence that can help you to achieve your business goals.

The Purpose of a Competitor Analysis

We all like to keep an eye on our business competitors, just to see what they’re up to. This can often lead to you making knee jerk reactions within your own business and questioning if their marketing ideas are better than yours. However, in a professional marketing competitor analysis, the results aren’t emotionally driven – it’s a data driven review of your competitors and their digital marketing performance.

A marketing competitor analysis gathers important intelligence that can help you to achieve your business goals by identifying potential opportunities in your sector.

Our Competitor Analysis Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Competitor Analysis?

Phase 1

Identify your competitors

It’s likely that you will have a few competitors in mind. We will add to this by identifying your online competition (in-particular your search engine competition).

Phase 2

Research and profiling

Once we know who your competitors are, we can research them in detail and benchmark them to get a clearer idea on how they generate traffic to their website.

Phase 3

Analysis and recommendations

Once we have explored the ins and outs of your competitors marketing, we will have identified marketing opportunities for your business to seize.

Honest Added Value

To perform a marketing competitor analysis, we utilise a mixture of digital marketing software, research data and our marketing expertise. This allows us to gather a full and rounded picture of your competitors, before identifying the opportunities and potential for your business.

It helps you to understand your unique value proposition.

You will uncover what your competitors are doing right… and what they’re not.

It will help you to identify opportunities to outperform your competitors.

It provides you with a benchmark to measure your marketing growth.

This depends on the number of competitors audited. As a guide, you could expect a marketing competitor audit to take 2-5 days (over a period of 2-3 weeks from initial meeting). This will cost from £1,200 as a one-off fee. All reports and research will be handed to the client.

After our initial discussion, we will book in a 1-hour discovery call with you. This will help us establish who you believe your competitors to be, who your target audience is and discuss your future overall business plans. We will then undertake research both manually, and utilising software to analyse your competitors marketing. Our strategists will then work with the wider team to identify opportunities and make recommendations. The competitor research and recommendations will then be presented to you.

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