Marketing Strategy and Plan

A robust, yet agile marketing plan in line with our marketing audit findings.

Once we have conducted a marketing audit for your business, we will work closely with your team as a dedicated marketing strategy agency to build a robust, yet agile marketing plan in line with our findings.

The Purpose of a Strategy and Plan

Working with a marketing strategy agency on a marketing plan is a crucial part of your overall business and sales strategy. Whether you are a start-up business, venturing into new territory, or an established business looking to take your company to new heights, we will work with you in a consultancy capacity to compose a strategic marketing strategy that will deliver the results you need.

A marketing strategy helps you to communicate with your target market in the most effective way, and in line with your overall business objectives. As your target market’s buying habits change, as well as your business objectives – it’s important to regularly review your strategy.

Whether we are consulting on your marketing strategy, or creating a full marketing plan for your business; we work through the key considerations of any marketing strategy to provide a clear focus and rationale for everything that you do.

Our Marketing Strategy and Plan Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Marketing Strategy and Plan?

Phase 1

Marketing audit

Analysing your current position, and that of your competitors is the most efficient way to begin. You will understand what works and what doesn’t within your current marketing strategy and will have identified opportunities backed by data.

Phase 2

Marketing objectives

By carrying out a marketing audit, we will have a greater understanding of your overall business objectives, but what do you hope to achieve specifically through marketing?

Phase 3

Solidifying your brand

If you are not crystal clear on what your brand stands for, we will work with you to identify audience personas, tone of voice, and bring clarity to your brand and business as a whole.

Phase 4

Marketing budget

It’s a dirty word, but money and budgets need to be addressed before you make too many plans!

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Phase 5

Marketing platforms

Prioritisation is key here. Too many people try to be everything to everyone – we will help you to target your audience precisely where needed.

Phase 6


It’s imperative that the content produced is what your audience wants to see, in a format they can engage with. We will work with you to create a campaign driven marketing strategy for the 12 months ahead.

Phase 7

Metrics and KPIs

It would feel like an awful lot of wasted time and energy if you couldn’t measure the success of your campaigns.

Phase 8

Repeat the process

It’s hugely important to revisit your marketing strategy regularly, and always have a plan to keep you on track!

Honest Added Value

The MacMartin team is made up of experienced marketing consultants, strategists, content marketers, search professionals, paid media specialists and designers. This means that we not only have a wealth of experience spanning a multitude of disciplines and industries, but we can implement your strategy too.

Working with an agency to create your marketing strategy brings a new perspective into your business. Whether your focus is web, search engine marketing or traditional marketing communication methods, we will work with you to compose a transformational strategy to meet your goals. We use forward thinking methods, backed by data, to provide you with a bespoke marketing strategy for your business. We know how important budgeting is and we are dedicated to ensuring you get the very best results for your money. As an experienced marketing strategy agency, we know what is possible and we know how to provide results relevant to your business.

This will depend on the size of your business and the depth of plan required. As a guide, you could expect a marketing plan to take 5-10 days (over a period of 4-8 weeks from marketing audit). This will cost from £3,000 as a one-off fee.

Upon completion of our initial marketing audit, we will spend half a day with your senior management team. This will enable us to solidify your brand, look at marketing budgets and discuss your business plans for the next 12 months. Our strategists will then work with the wider team over the next few weeks to identify the best practical routes to success and begin to gather content suggestions and campaign outlines. We will reconvene, before completing the marketing plan. We will then present you with the full marketing plan for you to implement in-house, or work with our team to bring to fruition.

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