SEO Campaign Management

Utilise our consultancy services, technical expertise, or hand the whole management over to us.

The Purpose of SEO Campaign Management

Once we have completed your SEO strategy and plan, it’s time to take the next steps and consider our campaign management services. We find that our clients have varying levels of expertise in-house to be able to implement an SEO plan. Our aim is to therefore help you in the best way possible, offering you the option to utilise our consultancy services, technical expertise, or by handing the whole management over to us to look after – giving you one less thing to worry about.

Our SEO Campaign Management Method

What’s included in MacMartin SEO Campaign Management?

Option 1

SEO consultancy

Utilising our strategic SEO knowledge and auditing tools, we will guide your team into implementing a successful SEO plan.

Working with you on a monthly basis, we will act in a consultancy capacity, offering the following:

Option 2

SEO technical

If you have a content team in-house, but would like to outsource the technical elements of SEO, we can provide both consultancy and technical optimisation, to include the following:

Option 3

SEO technical and content

A solution for when you would like us to take full control of your SEO, including the creation of content. This option is ideal if you do not have an in-house marketing team; but you understand the value of SEO.

In addition to the SEO technical package, the content package also includes:

Honest Added Value

By the time we are at the management stage of your SEO journey, it’s likely we will know you and your business well enough to be able to recommend one of the above management options to you.

Our SEO consultancy management has a fixed fee of £450 per month. The Technical SEO package (dependent upon the size of your website) starts at £850 per month, with the complete technical and content package starting at £1,700 per month.

Agencies like ours rely on the specialist skills of a whole team to implement an SEO campaign; from our strategists and SEO experts to our copywriters and web developers. Agencies also invest heavily in SEO software, which allow processes to be quick and data to be accurate.

Upon completion of our SEO audit and plan, we will put your plan into practice. We will be managing the ongoing campaign and continuously working with our account manager and marketing strategist to ensure progress is being made and additional opportunities are being identified along the way. Each month we will report on the campaign progress and show you the impact that this has on your website and business as a whole.

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Giving you one less thing to worry about...

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