SEO Strategy and Plan

Get a better picture of your current SEO situation.

Once we have conducted an SEO audit for your business, we will work closely with your organisation. As a specialist SEO strategy agency we will build an SEO plan designed to be carried out over the next 6-12 months, in line with the audit findings.

The Purpose of an SEO Strategy and Plan

Knowing where you are now is important to understand, and acts as a benchmark to show improvement, but we like to arm our clients with a clear plan of action. As an SEO Strategy Agency, our senior strategists and SEO experts will team up to ensure the plan has both accuracy and your wider marketing and business goals in mind, in order to deliver the results you need. 

There are constant changes to the way search works, but one thing stays consistent – search engines are always designed to offer the best possible experience for those who use their platforms. This means, that all strategies implemented by MacMartin have this in mind. It is important to regularly review and revise your strategy to ensure you are always working on the most important issues and opportunities.

Our SEO Strategy and Plan Method

What’s included in a MacMartin SEO Strategy and Plan?

Phase 1

SEO audit

If you haven’t completed an SEO audit, this is where we will start – reporting on your current search visibility, technical issues and backlinks.

Phase 2

Keyword research

We carry out keyword research to get a better understanding of what people are searching for and how competitive it would be to rank. We would then create a list of recommended keywords to target and advise the best methods for doing so e.g. blog articles, additional page content etc.

Phase 3

Competitor analysis

We benchmark your rankings against your competitors and look for opportunities.

Phase 4


It’s imperative that the content produced is what your audience wants to see, in a format they can engage with. We will advise on how best to do this based on the audit results, keyword research and competitor analysis.

Phase 5

Setting metrics and KPIs

It would feel like an awful lot of wasted time and energy if you couldn’t measure the success of your campaigns.

Phase 6

Repeating the process

It’s hugely important to revisit your SEO regularly, and always have a plan to keep you on track!

Honest Added Value

The MacMartin team is made up of experienced marketing consultants, strategists, content creators and search professionals, meaning that we never recommend SEO actions which could negatively impact upon other marketing activities.

An SEO plan (including the initial audit information) takes 1-2 fully days to complete, over a period of 1-2 weeks from initial call and access to analytics. An SEO plan will cost from £600 depending on the size of your website.

An SEO Audit helps you to understand your current picture. An SEO plan is designed with improvement in mind. It will include actionable recommendations, a timeline of importance, recommendations for implementation methods and additional opportunities found within the keyword research and competitor analysis. An SEO plan is ultimately a step by step guide designed to improve your search visibility.

Upon completion of our initial SEO audit, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your business plans for the next 6-12 months, establishing your focus. Our strategists will then work with the wider team over the next week to establish our recommendations and work them into an actionable SEO plan. We will then present you with the plan for you to implement in-house, or work with our team to bring to fruition.

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