Social Media Campaign Management

A complete service, which is carefully planned and purposeful.

The Purpose of Social Media Campaign Management

Managing your social campaigns effectively and learning from them is essential to ongoing success. As a social media marketing agency, we will work with your in-house team to deliver both organic and paid campaigns from beginning to end, so that you receive a complete service, which is carefully planned and purposeful.

Working in line with your social media plan and overall business goals, we will manage the campaigns in their entirety to reach and engage your target audience through social media platforms.

Our Social Media Campaign Management Method

What’s included in MacMartin Social Media Campaign Management?

Phase 1

Campaign planning

We will review your strategy and generate individual post ideas which together will represent the campaign theme. We will plan the format of the posts and the best messaging in order to reach the campaign goals.

Phase 2

Asset creation

After planning the campaigns in detail, we will go ahead and create the necessary content including visuals, copy and audiences if required. 

Phase 3

Client approval

Working closely with your in-house team, you will have a good idea of our direction throughout the process, but we will send through each batch of content for your approval. We do ask you to trust us at this stage – even though we know how complex it can be to outsource content for your organisation.

Phase 4

Campaign building

Once your content is approved, we will build the campaigns and schedule them at optimal times, utilising the features available for maximum impact.

Phase 5


We don’t stop once the campaign content is live. We will manage social media paid ads ongoing, reviewing the success and tweaking as necessary. For organic posts, we will review and analyse the data against your goals, feeding the results back into the campaign strategy. We will send you a breakdown of results and campaign success upon completion of each campaign.

Honest Added Value

Our social media campaign management follows our tried and tested campaign focused method. This means that everything we do has a clear goal with measurable outcomes and represents your brand in the best light to your target audience. Once we have taken the time to create a social media strategy with you, we will work through the above steps in a continuous cycle (usually monthly).

This depends on the amount of content and format of the content created. As a guide a monthly campaign strategy will be charged from £680 per month.

The truthful answer is, you don’t. If you have the marketing skills in house and a solid brand basic social media marketing is often best managed day-to-day in-house.

However, many marketing teams chose to outsource social media campaign management due to time constraints or skill gaps. As a social media marketing agency, we can utilise the specialist skills of a whole team to implement a successful campaign; from our strategists and paid media experts to our copywriters and graphic designers. We also invest heavily in research and reporting software.

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