How To Do Social Media – Learn From The Best

There are so many companies out there that just get how social media should be done for business. I’ve come to realise that what works for them all may be different; but they have all come up with an idea and stuck with it!

Here are some of my favourites:


Innocent Drinks (@innocent)

They produce smoothies, veg pots and juices. They could have chosen to focus their social media on healthy lifestyles, or focused it towards children… but instead they choose humour. Humour about anything and everything – innocent humour.


Charmin (@charmin)

Toilet rolls – what a boring product to sell! And who would want to follow toilet roll on social media? Me, that’s who. They use toilet humour to bring their brand alive…


Airbnb (@Airbnb)

Everyone loves holidays, so they’re off to a winning start! BUT they were one of the first companies to really embrace social media by phone… or more specifically emojis. It’s a really easy way for their followers to get involved with minimal effort, and it’s different.

Spotify (@Spotify)

Spotify have made us all realise that data isn’t just for spreadsheets! They have used their data for a fantastic marketing tool using billboards. It used location information and data insights to pull off a fantastic campaign, which they named  ‘Thanks 2016, It’s been weird’. (@ao)

These lot started getting big on social media because of their competitions and their use of videos to announce the winners. They seem to have switched tactics recently, but we still think they’re great. They focus on anything loosly related to food or home appliances… and link it with whatever is trending on the day! There are no money wasting campaigns going on for this company and they still have a following of nearly 50,000 people on Twitter and 1.8 Million on Facebook. Not bad going…


Every business has a social side, it’s just about finding yours! We can help you to find your social niche and put a plan together to make it happen. Social media is an incredibly powerful business tool, so get in touch and do it right!

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