Social Media Strategy and Plan

A robust and agile social media, in line with our audit findings and the overall goals of your organisation.

Once we have completed a social media audit, we will work closely with your team to develop a strategic social media plan. As a social media strategy agency, we will build a robust and agile social media in line with our audit findings and the overall goals of your organisation. Our social media plans are campaign led and purposeful.

The Purpose of a Social Media Strategy and Plan

Working with a social media strategy agency on a social media plan allows you to access our market insight tools and utilise the most appropriate features and platforms in order to reach your goals. Whether you are new to social media marketing, venturing into new territory, or looking to take your company to new heights, we will work with you in a consultancy capacity to compose a strategic social media strategy, in the form of a practical plan that will deliver the results you need.

A robust and purposeful social media plan will help you to communicate with your target audience through the right channels, in the most effective way, in order to meet your goals. We understand how organisations need to be agile, and when planning your future social media activity, we ensure the campaigns are flexible enough to adapt in changing circumstances.

Our Social Media Strategy and Plan Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Social Media Strategy and Plan?

Phase 1

Social media audit

Analysing your current position, and that of your competitors is the most efficient way to begin. You will have a clear understanding of what is working, what isn’t, and we will have identified opportunities backed by data.

Phase 2

Social media objectives

We will help you to solidify what it is you want from your social media activity and where it sits within your wider marketing activities.

Phase 3

Strengthening your brand

If you are not crystal clear on what your brand stands for, we will work with you to identify audience personas, tone of voice, and bring clarity to your brand.

Phase 4

Social media budget

Budgets for social media activities need to be in place to measure ROI effectively. This includes investment into social media content, as well as paid social advertising.  

Instagram Facebook TikTok Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

Phase 5

Social media platforms

Prioritisation is key here. Utilising the outcome of your social media audit, we will help you to target your audience precisely where needed.

Phase 6


It’s imperative that the content produced is what your audience wants to see, in a format they can engage with. We will work with you to create a campaign driven social media marketing strategy for the 6-12 months ahead.

Phase 7

Metrics and KPIs

We work with you to set ambitious but achievable goals. It would feel like an awful lot of wasted time and energy if you couldn’t measure the success of your social media campaigns.

Phase 8

Repeat the process

It’s hugely important to revisit your social media strategy regularly, and always have a plan to keep you on track!

Honest Added Value

When consulting on your social media strategy and creating a plan for the future, as a social media strategy agency, we work through the above steps to provide a clear focus and rationale for everything that we recommend.

Working with an agency to create your social media plan enables access to the insights, tools and software which agencies have at their fingertips, to deliver a purposeful plan, driven by data, industry insights and social media experts. Having a plan will map out your next steps, knowing they will help you to reach your goals. We know how important budgeting is and we are dedicated to ensuring you get the very best results for your budget.

This will depend on the size of your business and the depth of plan required. As a guide (and if you have previously completed a social media audit with us) you could expect a social media strategic plan to take 3-5 days (over a period of 2-4 weeks). This will cost from £1,800 as a one-off fee.

As well as working closely with you to determine your strategy, budgets, objectives, and target personas; a social media plan will include many tangible assets for you to utilise, including:

Social media guidelines for you to add into your overall brand guidelines.

A Gantt chart with overarching campaigns mapped out.

Up to 12 individual campaign themes with a purpose.

Optimal campaign placements and formats based on your audience.

Advice on tone of voice, messaging, and key call to action for each campaign.

Metrics to measure in relation to your main objectives.

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