Google Tag Manager Set Up

Centralise and effectively manage pixels and tracking information.

The Purpose of Google Tag Manager Set Up

If you have various pieces of coding stuffed into your website from Google Analytics, Google Ads and social media, Google Tag manager can be used to centralise and effectively manage pixels and tracking information. Outsourcing your Google Tag Manager setup will result in a streamlined system which is easier to update and reduces reliance on your IT department to implement coding on your website.

By implementing Tag Manager, you will have more control over which events you track on your website, as well as manage how they are tracked much easier.

Our Google Tag Manager Set Up Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Tag Manager Set Up?

Phase 1

Set up of Google Tag Manager

Our first step would be to create a new Google Tag Manager ‘container’, integrating this with your website and other Google products.

Phase 2

Set up of tags

We will set up various tags in order to gather specific data. Tags may include the tracking of specific events e.g. contact form submission, or optimising your social media advertising e.g. Facebook pixel.

Phase 3


Before we publish tags on your site, we test them to ensure they are configured correctly and that the tags are firing when they should be, in order to collect the right data.

Honest Added Value

When working on any marketing project with a client, we always make sure they have the best chance at succeeding, by putting the groundwork in. By ensuring the basics are in place, we can add much more value to your business through the ability to accurately measure your marketing activities against your business goals. 

A tag is a snippet of coding which is sent from your website to a data system e.g. Google Analytics. A trigger is the parameters set around when a tag should ‘fire’ e.g. you can choose to trigger the tag on specific pages only. A variable is something which may change on your website e.g. a product name, price or date.

This depends on the number of tags required. As a guide, you could expect a Google Tag Manager set up to take 0.5-1 day (completed 1 week from initial meeting). This will cost from £300 as a one-off fee.

After our initial call to discuss your business and which data you would like to track, we will ask for access to your website (or your developer’s details). We will then create a Google Tag Manager container for your website and begin the set-up process. Before we launch the tags, we will test that they are working correctly and the data is flowing through.

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