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Website consultancy will provide a valuable tool to help to identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

The Purpose of Website Consultancy

Our website consultancy service is designed to help you evaluate the performance, functionality and overall effectiveness of your website. It involves a comprehensive review of a wide range of elements which may include; design, content, navigation, user experience (UX), carbon footprint and search engine optimisation (SEO). Our website reports are a valuable tool to help to identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Our Website Consultancy Method

What’s included in MacMartin Website Consultancy?

At the very beginning of the project, we will request access to your website and analytics. We may also request we add additional monitoring tools to your site to give us further insight into user behaviour. We will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your current site performance and your goals. Based upon these goals we will put together a report framework which may include:

We can report on...

Technical issues

We will identify any technical issues that may be impacting the performance of a website, such as broken links, slow page load times, and errors in code.

We can report on...

User experience

We will identify areas of a website that may be confusing or difficult to navigate for users. We will also look at example user journeys and how these can be improved.

We can report on...

Search engines

We will identify opportunities for improving the website’s search engine optimisation (SEO), such as adding meta tags and optimising content for keywords.

We can report on...

Carbon footprint

We will calculate the current carbon footprint of your website and recommend methods to reduce this including opportunities for content optimisation, caching set up and SEO.

Honest Added Value

When utilising our website consultancy service, you aren’t just employing intricately detailed software; you are gaining a team of knowledgeable individuals who know, from best practice, how to interpret and implement the results.

Our website consultancy service will help you evaluate the overall effectiveness of your website and identify opportunities for improvement to user experience, search engine visibility, website performance and conversion rates.

The time and cost of a website report will vary depending upon the size of your website along with the breadth and depth of analysis required. As a guide, you could expect the process to take between 2 and 4 weeks, prices start from £900.

Prior to commencing the project, we will request access to your website and analytics and will discuss your goals. From this, a consultancy framework will be agreed which will detail the focus areas of the project. We will commence our research which will be made up of both manual research and data gathered from our analysis software. Our consultant will then interpret the data and make recommendations. Your final report will be presented to you and a copy of the report sent via email.

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A valuable tool to identify opportunities...

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