2021 Design Trends: What Can We Expect to See?

2020 has been a momentous year for all of us. It has been a period of loss, social change and greater appreciation of our normal lives. The aftermath of events we experienced and continue to experience will, undoubtedly, be reflected in our creative endeavours. In this blog, we will be outlining key design trends of 2021 that you will likely see everywhere – from websites to graphic design.


Building a sense of community is one of the most prominent trends of 2021. At a time where we’ve been unable to come together like we normally do, how can we create that same supportive space online? It can become a great source of inspiration for visuals that you use throughout your social media and marketing.

In addition to this trend, user generated content has become more popular than ever. At a time where we are able to create polished, perfect images and designs, community-driven posts seem to generate more engagement and impact because of the human element.

Bright colours

Brighter and more saturated colours are expected to be seen everywhere throughout 2021. In contrast to more monochromatic, minimalist palettes, vibrant colours can lift our mood at a time when it is so necessary. They are straightforward and approachable, appealing to all of us and they can also be used to highlight important issues. 2021 design trends will certainly be influenced by social justice causes that gained more traction last year, so brighter colours can also be used to highlight political messages.

Bauhaus is one of the trends that has emerged this year, building on brighter shades. This striking and eye-catching style utilises primary colours, simple, geometric shapes and presents them in a harmonious way. Using Bauhaus type of graphics is a great way to instantly captivate your audience through a simple, yet eye-catching design.


Frequent bouts of isolation have forced us to reconnect with nature and rekindle our love for it. Whether it’s your local beach, park, countryside or your indoor plants, we have gained a greater appreciation for nature and it has seeped into design. Therefore, nature-inspired colours and green palettes are key 2021 design trends. Following on from this, we will likely see a lot more Austere Romanticism this year. This style offers a more minimal, Victorian aesthetic for nature-inspired designs.


Challenging times can often make us reminisce on the past, so 2021 design trends will also pay homage to pop art, outlined graphics and cartoon elements. Lo-fi themes will be very common, with vintage vaporwave designs becoming a strong theme this year. And if you’re not a fan of this 90’s throwback, we can go even further back in time! Revisiting the 70’s Art Nouveau style, we will see a lot more psychedelic graphics featuring 3D elements, gradients and interesting illustrations. This time, however, the earthy palettes, similar to ones in nature-inspired trends will also persist in the psychedelic themes.

Home life

While this isn’t necessarily a design trend, there has been a lot of emphasis on creating a ‘comfort zone’ or a comforting space at home. Having to stay isolated has made our homes a hub for more than just family life! It has been a place of work and entertainment too for so many of us. As a result, themes have emerged focused around self care and DIY activities. This could be something to consider in your social media and marketing.

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