Brand Guidelines

What is a Brand Guidelines Document?

Creating brand guidelines is so important for a successful marketing campaign. Considering that both digital and traditional marketing largely centres around raising brand awareness, consistent branding will make people immediately recognise your business. It’s why when we see that signature Nike swoosh, we immediately recognise the company behind it. One look at a half-eaten apple and you know it’s an Apple product. And just like that, you want your customers to start identifying your brand everywhere.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines go beyond the company logo. They include colours, fonts, imagery and message that the brand aims to convey through their marketing. Whenever we work with a client on designing their marketing materials, we also create brand guidelines to ensure everything remains consistent across all channels.

What can you find in our brand guidelines?

One of our recent clients, Flooring Village, was looking for help with their digital marketing. Here’s what we included in their brand guidelines…

Fonts and colours

In this section, we included the types of fonts used in their marketing and bold and regular options. This is where they can also see the colour palette and its Hex and RGB codes. This helps to translate their marketing seamlessly across different design applications.

Brand Guidelines

Logo usage

Here we will provide guidelines on using the logo. For example, ensuring there is enough space around it and that it is clearly visible against the background. In the case of Flooring Village, the logo also must not be skewed and rotated. This ensures the logo stays consistent across the brand and it is easily recognised by the customer.

Social media posts

Here we will include social media post sizes and design inspiration. We typically create a few examples of promotional posts, blog posts, customer feedback as well as story designs. These are optimised and tailored for each platform, too. We will also include brand guidelines for new post designs, such as key elements, logo placement, text box design and recommendations for text.

Brand Guidelines

Why is this so important?

Even if you have designed a logo and brand colours, you could still fall short of being consistent across all your branding materials. Brand guidelines provide more in-depth, detailed strategy and design ideas for your posts that simultaneously offer more variety, while sticking to a streamlined framework. They are important to truly represent your brand in more than just colours, fonts and logos, but also in its overall message that is key for connecting with your target audience.

If you’re looking elevate your branding across all of your marketing materials, contact us today! We are a full-service, affordable marketing agency with a friendly and professional approach.