Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Where words fail, font speaks…isn’t that the saying? Font is a crucial part of your branding! Different fonts have different ‘personalities’ that need to align with your company’s message. We’d like to offer you a simple guide to choosing the right font for your brand that speaks directly to your target audience.

Your brand personality

Firstly, you need to define your brand personality if you haven’t already. Think of the message you want your font to convey – is it modern, trustworthy, quirky, playful? It’s unlikely that you will choose animated and decorative fonts as a law firm. Similarly, if you run an artistic local cafe, you may want to pick fonts that reflect your creative and fun approach. Once you understand your personality, it’s time to have a look at common font classifications and what they represent…

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are one of the oldest font styles, dating back to 15th century. They are classified due to their ‘feet’, which are referred to as serifs. These fonts communicate a messages of trustworthiness, tradition and timelessness. Some brand logos that use this font are Vogue, Tiffany & Co, University of Cambridge. We also use a Serif font as a header for our website.

Sans Serif fonts

From the French word, ‘sans’ which means ‘without’, Sans Serif fonts are similar to Serif, without the characteristic ‘feet’. These fonts emerged in the 19th century and are seen as more contemporary and minimalistic. They have a clean, modern design, so it’s no wonder that many tech and fashion companies are choosing this font. Brands like Google, Netflix, Calvin Klein, Chanel are all great examples of Sans Serif font.

Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Slab Serif fonts

A more fun and modern expression of the traditional Serif fonts, Slab Serif are usually bold and quirky versions of it. Brands like Sony, Volvo and Honda maintain the distinct Serifs but offer us a a more modern and interesting take on them.

Script fonts

Script fonts divert even further away from the traditional, clean expressions of Serif and Sans Serif with their handwriting styles. These are unique fonts that still maintain a sense of elegance but bring a touch of uniqueness to your brand. Script fonts are used by brands like Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Kleenex, Instagram and many more. The downfall of these fonts is that, due to their trendy look, they may not stand the test of time. So keep that in mind and consider how the specific script style aligns with your brand message.

Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Handwritten and decorative fonts

Many of us may be tempted to go for the unique and playful style of handwritten and decorative fonts. Handwritten fonts usually mean just that – they look like they’ve been written by hand and may incorporate fun and interesting looking letters. Decorative fonts, on the other hand, are used by brands like Disney, Guitar Hero and are highly stylised. Be careful when choosing handwritten and decorative fonts – you want to make sure they are memorable and have longevity to represent your brand. They can be a great option to add a touch of playfulness to your branding and, when done right, they can be particularly memorable and distinct.

Choosing the right font for your brand: things to consider

Now that we have covered the key font classifications, you may feel that a few of them apply to you. Your brand may be playful and quirky, but you may want to bring in a touch of modernism and contemporary feel to it. That’s where mixing different fonts becomes very helpful. Be careful not to overdo it, however, – ideally, your brand should use no more than two fonts and one accent font if necessary. A popular combination is using Serif fonts for headings and sans serif for body text. This offers a sense of tradition with a contemporary feel. Then, your logo may be more decorative as an accent, for example.

It’s important to choose fonts that go well together and complement each other. You should also consider the purpose of your font – is it purely decorative or does it need to be clear and easy to read? Once you have picked your fonts, you should also ensure that line and letter spacing remains consistent throughout your brand. Whichever font you go for, don’t overlook it as a powerful representation of your brand and a strong asset in your marketing strategy.

We can help!

Our expert, full-service marketing team can help you choose the best fonts for your brand and design a marketing strategy that serves your business goals. We take care of everything from graphic design and social media to web design, user experience, video production and more. You can feel confident that your marketing is supported by a team that understands your company and how to take it to the next level. Contact us today to find out more!