marketing mistakes to avoid

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

A well-planned marketing strategy can do wonders for your business by increasing awareness, attracting new clients and generating more conversions. But it’s easy to make simple errors that can set you back and cost more money in the long run! Here are 5 common marketing mistakes to avoid this year.

1. Lack of research

Research is an important foundation to your marketing. This could be anything from market trends, your knowledge of current events and getting to know your target audience. Proper research will help you avoid tone deaf posts, ensure your marketing is topical and speaks to an audience that will support your business.

2. Using broad targeting in ads

This is one of the most important marketing mistakes to avoid, yet we see it happen way too often! It’s easy to see why businesses choose broad targeting – it would seem that it will get your ad in front of more people. The problem is that a broad audience is less likely to engage with it. Narrow your audience down as much as you can to ensure your ads speak to the right people who will engage with your posts and show genuine interest in your business. You can check out more advice on social media ads here.

marketing mistakes to avoid

3. Not tracking analytics

Obsessing over analytics can become unhealthy – not every piece of content will serve the same purpose. While some may grab your audience’s attention right away and generate instant engagement, others might be made for the long-term game and accumulate more attention later down the line. Having said that, analytics can tell you so much about your audience, their behaviours and the content that works best. It’s important that you review your analytics weekly, monthly or quarterly – whatever you feel is easier for you. Reflect on how your content has performed and make necessary adjustments to drive your business and social media presence forward.

4. Lack of USP

Similar to broad targeting, your business needs a defined USP to inform a successful marketing strategy. You need to define your unique selling proposition, the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and gives you a niche in the market. Your niche doesn’t have to be very narrow and it can cover a broader target audience, but it needs to be clearly identifiable and truly bring something to the table that no one else offers.

5. Buying followers

The last one of our 5 marketing mistakes to avoid is buying followers. While we’re at it, the same applies to email databases, too. We understand it might be tempting to buy followers in the early days of your business, especially now that organic reach is declining and it’s harder to build an audience quickly. The problem with bought audiences is that they didn’t choose to follow you or subscribe to your email list, therefore, they will not engage with your posts or have any interest in your business. Furthermore, it’s usually quite obvious when an account has bought audiences, as there is usually a disproportionate amount of followers, compared to actual likes or comments they receive.

Social media algorithms are also becoming more advanced and are able to identify bought audiences, so this could actually harm your reach in the long run. Our advice is to use a mix of paid and unpaid posts, understand your target audience and improve your content accordingly to build your following. Remember, momentum doesn’t happen overnight so stay patient!

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