Photography for businesses

Top Reasons Photography for Businesses Improves Marketing Efforts

Uplifting marketing efforts is intangibly linked to professional photography for businesses, without it you’re missing a puzzle piece in your brand marketing.

Uplifting marketing efforts is intangibly linked to professional photography for businesses, without it you’re missing a puzzle piece in your brand marketing.

What do you notice about a brand before anything else? It’s look. Whether that be the look of the logo, brand colours, fonts, graphics, or photography, you’re taking notice. When customers are first delving into the potentials of your company, trust us when we say they are heading to your website and your socials. It’s your job to impress them with what they see.

A businesses first port of call is to make their stamp on the world and in their industry using their branding. It’s an essential element of any companies’ road to success. When you think of your branding, what comes to mind? Logos? Colours? Fonts? Tone of Voice? Yes, yes, and yes to all the above… and there is one more component that you may well have left behind. Photography.

We’re here to let you in on the secrets of why photography for businesses is a tool you can add to your marketing toolbox.

Create Synergy in Your Brand

Photography for businesses is more than getting a pretty picture of your team for their LinkedIn profile pics. It is a tactic to strengthen your brand. By having photography that accurately represents your company, conveys your products/services and delivers your messaging, you can become instantly recognisable from your imagery.

Post photos of the same calibre on your website, within your email footers, on your social media platforms, and even in print. Doing this creates a synergy and ensures your brand gets noticed easily. This is particularly true of social media. You can stop someone scrolling with your photo and before the user has even registered who has posted or what they have posted about, if the photography is strong, they will know the company before reading the copy or user-tag.

It takes the power of all your company assets to do this, however. It’s no use just having the photography in your emails. You need it across all media to create that strong recognisable face of the company through your photography. This will mean your brand reaches further than just your existing customers and makes you known within the industry and within your target market groups.

Photos Speak Louder than Words

Make decisions for your business that will mean you are breaking down the barriers for your customers and removing obstacles in the way of making a sale. You have to give effective and informative copy to explain your product/service, yes. But you also want to get that quick win from a prospective customer. For us, photography is a brilliant way to capture the essence of your business in its most simple and accessible form.

Don’t just tell a consumer about your company, show them. A photo can speak a thousand words. If you have an incredible product, you will want photos that show it off in its full glory. The appearance and look of the product alone will do a large percentage of the legwork in selling itself to your customers.

It’s not just about capturing a product though. Perhaps you’re a service-based company, a charity, or your company is in SAS, well, it’s not always going to be easy to show what you do through photography. What is behind every company though? People. Photographing people is just as powerful, if not more so, than photographing products. People are interested in people. Draw in attention through marketing your team, your happy customers, your partnerships through photography.

Constant Content

The opportunities that photography for businesses provides gives you a great platform to create an abundance of content marketing. Without a gallery of images to use of your team, your product, your business… you’re going to be running on fumes with what you can shout about. We live in a very visual society. People’s attention is captured by imagery and visuals, and less so by copy alone. If you are hoping to make your mark on social media, or create and engaging website, strong photography is a must.

Don’t leave your company high and dry of content by not investing in photography. You will end up giving yourself a really hard time in creating content because there is very little to go off without visuals. Take LinkedIn, for example, the copy shown first and foremost is only 2 lines long. Unless you’re extremely eagle-eyed, this can be easily missed. However, add one of your photos to the post and immediately you’re taking up a bigger, unmissable proportion of the user’s feed. Plus, if you want to crack Instagram it’s almost impossible without having some photo content. All in all, whatever social platform you are making your mark on, photos are important. Even on copy-based sites like Twitter, photos have an impact.

Pointing You in the Right Direction

Uplifting your marketing with photography is an effective method in capturing attention, strengthening your brand, and delivering on exception content across all platforms. Our approach to photography for businesses comes hand in hand with our friends at ‘AVIT Media.

Bringing you the very best services in your marketing photography, we work alongside the professional team at ‘AVIT to ensure your photography and videography are up to scratch. Whatever industry you’re in, and no matter the type of business you are operating, the exceptional photographers at ‘AVIT can capture your story, your niche, and showcase the individuality of your company.