Visual Content

The Importance of Visual Content

It’s difficult to imagine our world without visuals. If all movies, entertainment and educational content was replaced with only audio or text, it would truly be a sad world to live in. So why do some businesses still dismiss the value of visual content in their virtual and physical marketing materials? Great quality, engaging photos and videos give you the chance to show your personality and form deeper connections with your audience and potential customers. Here’s why…

Humans are visual creatures

Photos and videos are much easier to digest, engage with and remember. It’s no wonder that most social media platforms have placed a bigger emphasis on photos and, particularly, videos. These are favoured over other content types. On some, like TikTok and Instagram, you can’t even create a post without a visual attached to it. All of these apps and websites are focused on keeping the users watching, scrolling and engaging for as long as possible. It’s clear, that powerful visuals are the key to retaining their attention.

Visuals create better connections

Let’s face it, your customers might not meet you in person. However, in a world of faceless brands, it’s important that you make a connection. So, in your marketing strategy, you want to personalise their experience as much as possible. Photos and videos are a fantastic way to help you do it. For example, you could give your customers a peak into your business, behind the scenes and introduce them to your team. This is your opportunity to show your personality, ethos and why they should support you. It’s an opportunity to create conversations, making you more memorable.


Visuals capture short attention spans

We are constantly bombarded by adverts, new information and unrelenting amounts of new content. It’s a lot to take in. So, do your customers a favour and focus on creating content that stops their endless scroll. A great way to do this is to think of photos and videos that have made you stop and take a look. What was it about that post in particular that piqued your interest? Try to apply that in your own content and remember – sometimes, you have less than a second to catch attention. Make sure the intent and value of your post is clear from the beginning.

Repurpose your content

What is the best way to get quality photos and videos? Hiring professionals that will help you create and edit your content! This may seem like an unnecessary spend, especially, since most of us are able to capture high quality photos and videos on our phones. However, a digital media team will represent your business in the best light and experienced content creators and editors can make sure your content hits the right notes with your audience. Plus, even after a couple of photoshoots and video sessions, you will have a great selection of content you can repurpose again and again. There’s no need to use stock images and videos, now you have your own that actually represent your brand identity.

We want to make great visual content accessible to all businesses! That’s why your marketing can be done entirely in-house by our team. We take time to understand your company’s needs and deliver marketing strategies that resonate with your audience. Our team loves to see businesses thrive through marketing and we can offer budget-friendly solutions to help you succeed. Additionally, we have partnered with ‘AV IT! Media on tailored photo and video packages, bringing you the best quality visual content. So, if you’re ready to level up your marketing, contact us today!