Start-Up Package

Walker Consultancy: Start-Up Package

Recently, we talked about our start-up package for businesses. This week, we’d like to introduce you to one of our recent clients and talk about the package we created for them. Meet Walker Consultancy, a VA or Virtual Assistant business launched earlier this month. We are excited to have been a part of it! Here’s how we helped this business start off on the right foot…

The website

Together with Hayley, we chose a website design that best reflected her business. Using neutral and mauve colours created a clean, professional aesthetic. We used a simple layout that instantly gives you all the information you need about the business. From the services she offers to her ethos and experience, everything is right there and easy to find for the potential client. Of course, the website is optimised for all devices, including tablet and mobile for a smooth browsing experience.

Overall, the website conveys a message of professionalism, while having that personal touch that clients will be looking for. Click here to take a look at the website.

Start-Up Package

Branded documents

Walker Consultancy already have everything they need to start raising brand awareness. This is something that many businesses struggle to get right straight away, however, having a well-thought out start-up package before you launch takes away that headache.

We created these branded documents and business cards that bring the company’s digital aesthetic into a physical format. Including these as part of your marketing strategy creates a constant reminder of your business for whomever receives them. You never know, that business card, brochure or branded letter might be just the thing that prompts them to get in touch again!

Start-Up Package

Social media templates

Last but not least, branded social media templates can streamline your marketing! They take away the headache of trying to format your content – all you need to do is change the strap lines, add your caption and you’re good to go.

As a small business, there are so many things to worry about that social media marketing often gets forgotten. But it’s so useful for raising awareness, making connections and, once again, furthering your branding. Adding social media templates to your start-up package means that you’ll find it much easier and more enjoyable to keep your socials ticking along!

You can take a look at Walker Consultancy Facebook page here!

Start-Up Package

Are you launching a business in 2021?

Launching a business always comes with its challenges, but especially now! And yet, so many amazing entrepreneurs are realising their ambition and doing incredibly well. If this is you, let us make those first steps a little easier. Chat to us today to find out more about our full-service marketing approach. We are a friendly, small yet professional team, so we understand the pressures you’re faced with. We offer marketing that caters to your needs and provides the best representation for your business.