B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Business to business or B2B marketing is a little different to traditional, B2C or business to consumer marketing. Casual consumers will have varying buying motivations, broader target audience and are willing to test products and services more easily. If you’re a business owner marketing to other businesses, however, you will have a more specific ideal customer, you will need to work harder to prove your credibility and expertise. At MacMartin, we have years of experience in B2B marketing by nature of the fact that we work with other businesses, however, we also have a dedicated in-house B2B marketing expert, Katie. We can conceptualise and execute solid B2B marketing strategies to suit your business. Here’s how this would work…

We can improve the quality and quantity of incoming enquiries

Getting more enquiries is good, but it’s not serving your business if you are not reaching the right customer. Our team would work with you to understand your business goals, marketplace, routes to market, current market pressures and more. Gathering this information will help us analyse the level and nature of enquiries coming to your business at the moment. We would then compose a full marketing communications plan for you that would, crucially, look at improving not only the number of enquiries coming into your business but also the quality of those leads, ensuring your valuable time is not wasted.

Creating and executing the marketing plan

So, how do we create a marketing plan that works? Our team will analyse and compile a detailed market research report. We create in-depth reports using valuable tools such as SWOT and PEST analysis. This helps us to understand the marketplace you are in, potential weaknesses as well as your potential for growth.

Communicating your B2B marketing strategies

Based on your customer and market analysis, we will create appropriate marketing strategy with all material done in-house. As a full-service marketing agency, you can rely on one company who cares about your business to handle everything from start to finish. Your marketing strategy could include a mix of content like online marketing, email marketing, social media, print advertising etc. Our team has years of experience and forward-thinking ideas across all aspects of marketing.