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How to Get Your Website Found on Google

When you’re looking for products or services, where do you turn for help aside from friends and family? Google, of course! We all start by searching for something to match our needs and then select businesses that pop up. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the first websites that appeared in someone else’s search was yours? Keep on reading for our tips on how to get your website found on Google. We have been working with our neighbours, London Luxury Candle Supplies, who wanted to share this kind of information with their clients…

Use keywords

When you look for new businesses, you tend to use specific search terms to find what you need. For example, ‘Italian restaurant in Soho’ or ‘Luxury Candle Supplies’. For your website to appear in someone’s search results, you need to include these keywords in your website copy, titles, images and links. But not all of them are made the same! To use them effectively, you need to select keywords that have the highest number of searches per month with the lowest competition, which means there are few other websites matching those search terms. We can help you with keyword research that will attract the right target audience to your website.

Website functionality

No matter how simple or complex your website is, it needs to work well. This means having a fast loading time and great compatibility with other devices. Not only does this encourage visitors to stick around and have a browse, it also affects your Google ranking following the new Google Page Experience update. You can read more about the criteria you should meet here.

Boost your credibility

There is nothing we, as customers, trust more than other people’s opinion. So you need to start boosting your credibility to position yourself as an authoritative, trustworthy business. How do you do that? Start by link building on company directories, marketplaces and other platforms that suit your company. You can also reach out to other businesses who would be happy to feature you on their website, make local or national news or offer guest blog posts on other sites. Make sure you encourage customers to review your products / services at every opportunity on Google or social media.

Sign up to these Google services

Google has a variety of services that can truly help to elevate your business. Create a Google Analytics account, which will offer insights on how well your marketing strategies are working. If you have products to sell, sign up to Google Merchant Centre to upload your products to Google. Using Google Search Console will highlight issues that affect your ranking, so you can rectify them. Lastly, sign up to Google My Business and make sure you fill out all the information – this will help your business rank higher when customers are searching for products and services in your location. They will also be able to read reviews that will encourage them to get in touch.

We can help!

If you want to get your website found on Google, we can optimise it and offer tried and tested strategies to suit your business. We are a small team of dedicated creatives, full of fresh ideas with a personal approach!