Social Media Trends 2021

Integrating your Search & Social Marketing Strategies

Different customers will interreact using different channels and at different stages of the sales funnel. Using an integrated approach is your best bet to reach the widest number of customers across the sales funnel.

Meeting audiences at every touch point

Different customers will interreact using different channels and at different stages of the sales funnel. Using an integrated content strategy approach is your best bet to reach the widest number of customers across the sales funnel.

Depending on the stage of the customer journey you will need to create a different type of campaign.


Audiences in the awareness stage will need a campaign with reach as the target to raise awareness of your product or brand. The aim of this phase is to educate potential consumers.


In the consideration stage you want to drive people to your website. Traffic campaigns are the best at this, you want users to click through to learn more about your product and its offering. Furthermore, every user that clicks through into your website can be remarketed to.


Once you have a user in your website the aim is to gain a conversion. This may involve gaining a subscription, getting a contact form filled out or a purchase from the website. This phase would also involve remarketing to users who have landed on your website but have not completed the action you would like them to undertake such as a user abandoning a basket.

Consistent and effective content across channels

To be able to create consistent and effective content you will need to have a focus on audience-first content. This means you need to know your audience, what they care about and enjoy, and cater your content towards them. By knowing your audience as in-depth as possible you are able to create relevant content that will strike a chord, this increases your chance of capturing their attention and differentiating yourself from competitors.

Content only needs to be created once and then you can reformat and distribute it across multiple organic and paid channels. A blog piece (such as this one) can be reformatted into multiple Facebook posts, a YouTube video or numerous TikToks. The content remains the same, but the delivery is changed to fit a specific audience!

What exactly is an integrated content strategy? This involves ensuring your content is interconnected across your SEO, Social and PR strategies. You may create an SEO optimised press release which you share across organic and paid social to drive awareness and traffic.

Using data from one channel to inform campaigns in another channel

There is a wealth of data available at your fingertips, you can data from one channel to optimise your campaigns in another channel. For example, you can use data from your paid search campaigns to help you with your SEO optimisation.

You can refine your SEO strategy by focusing on terms that are likely to convert. This can be done by looking at data on the search volume of certain search terms and comparing the conversion of your products or services that match those search terms

Remarketing and sequential campaigns

 Remarketing is one of the most effective types of targeting and is an essential part to most online businesses’ digital marketing strategy. Essentially re-engaging your audience depending on actions they have taken, such as visited your website, watching a percentage of your video or adding a product to their cart.

These audiences are classified as warmer thus the conversion rate tends to be higher. Serving users adverts that are designed to make them revisit.

There are different types of sequential campaigns. You can have the same audience see two or more ads with different messages or the users that engaged with the first ad are added to an audience and then shown the second one. Alternatively, the audience that completes a certain action such as clicking through to the website, are tagged and then shown a second ad.

Creating custom audiences is something most social media platforms have functionality for. However, they may be called something different for example on LinkedIn it’s called matched audiences but on Twitter it’s called tailored audiences. Although the names may differ the functionality is the same.


Audience journeys are increasingly becoming even more intricate, so an integrated approach across channels, increases your chances to engage and convert potential customers.

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