January marketing ideas

January Marketing Ideas to Keep you Booked and Busy in 2021!

Happy New Year – we’ve made it! 2020 was a tough year with a lot of unprecedented challenges for SMEs and larger businesses alike, so if you have overcome the past 9 months, you should feel extremely proud of yourself. This year, although lockdown restrictions are still present, we have learned to adapt and know how to keep moving forward. Here are 8 January marketing ideas for a successful start to the new year!

1. Share your new year’s resolutions

January is a great time to set your business goals for the year ahead. Why not share them with your audience and ask them to share theirs too? You can start a really engaging conversation, build a community around your goals and help to keep everyone accountable. The great thing about sharing your new year’s resolutions is that they also give you a framework for the rest of the year. For example, if you have committed to making a YouTube tutorial each week, this has already given you a regular content idea and something that your audience can look forward to.

January marketing ideas

2. Reflect on last year

January can be a great time to reflect on last year – what issues did you overcome? Did you start something new in 2020 or got creative in your business? Are there any customer success stories you’d like to highlight? Sharing these memories can create a sense of community around your brand and inspire your audience.

3. Update your ‘Google My Business’

January can be one of the quietest months for business, so every potential customer counts! You need to make sure that they can find you and get in touch with you, so if you still aren’t using ‘Google My Business’ or your information is incomplete, now is the time to update it.

4. Analyse your 2020 marketing results

Now that you have a full year’s worth of analytics, you can take a critical look at what worked best and what didn’t work so well in your marketing. Which promotions generated the most website visits/conversions? Which email taglines had the highest open rate? What type of content got the most likes/comments? These are important to take on board as you plan your January marketing ideas and 2021 strategy, as they will help you gain a better understanding of your audience and the kind of marketing that works best for your business.

January marketing ideas

5. Research 2021 marketing trends

The past year has really shifted the landscape of marketing, so it’s important you are up to date with current trends! Doing a bit of research on marketing trends (or reading our latest blog post) will help you get a clearer perspective and add to your January marketing ideas list.

6. Reward your customers

Your customers are behind the success of your business, so why not find a way to say thank you? You can create a loyalty scheme, launch a giveaway or include a special gift with each purchase – whatever feels right for your business. A little bit of giving back can have a huge impact and make your customers feel truly appreciated.

January marketing ideas

7. Launch something new

Out with the old, in with the new – January marketing ideas are always centered around new product launches, kicking old habits etc. So why not join in? Whether that’s adding a new product or service to your offering, improving the way your business operates or switching up your branding, January is the time to do it.

8. Start an ad campaign

January can be a quiet time for many businesses, but it doesn’t have to set the tone for the rest of the year. If you have some spare time this month, think of ways you can generate leads and drive conversions for the next few months. One of them is to run an ad campaign on Facebook/Instagram. Think of your goals – whether that’s increasing sales, brand awareness or email sign-ups and create your ads with that in mind. Click here if you want to make the most of your social media ads.

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