Discover What’s New with Social Media: 3 of the Latest Social Media Platforms

We’ve been looking into the latest social media platforms currently rising in popularity. Read our blog to discover which platforms are up and coming.

We’ve been looking into the latest social media platforms currently rising in popularity, to give you an insight into which platforms we think will be up and coming in the year ahead.

It might have felt like not much has changed with social media within the last few years, besides internal re-workings of the platforms. Essentially, the top 7 have remained dominant; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. However, there are signs that we are beginning to see a rejection of social media as we know it.

With Elon Musk throwing a spanner in the works of Twitter, by reintroducing banned members (mentioning no names), applying a subscription fee for verification, and hitting the news with his brash leadership techniques, there is some rebellion shown from the latest social media platforms. Born out of the desire for more open-source platforms, there are some new names entering the scene and, in our opinion, the following 3 are the ones to watch out for in 2023.


This latest social media platform was less a rejection of Twitter and more of Meta’s Instagram. The culture born from Instagram saw an increase in filters and fake photos. People use Instagram to show the best parts of themselves and their lives. BeReal tries to tackle this idealistic perception of the world by encouraging users to share the more mundane and realistic parts of their lives.

This app notifies users to ‘be real’ at a random point within the day. At which point users are instructed to take a photo using their front and back cameras revealing what they are doing in that moment. Only once they have posted can they see their friends’ own posts.

In the world of marketing, there is little to say about how BeReal might become useful to businesses. Whilst there are no advertising opportunities yet, there is space for B2C businesses to capitalise from the app. Big brands, such as Chipotle, are using the app to capture the attention of consumers. Posting on the app can be a great way to give exclusive deals or let your followers in on the behind the scenes of your company. However, the trick is getting consumers to follow your account in the first place. Big names might find this easy, but small businesses might find it more useful to stick with organic content on the big 7 social platforms.


Mastodon is a clear retaliation against Musk’s Twitter. Whilst it’s not a newly launched social media platform, being formed in 2016, it has only begun becoming popular within the last month. November 2022 saw Twitter hitting the news more and more, after Musk’s transformation of the platform. As a result, users are turning to the lesser known ‘Mastodon’. In fact, Mastodon’s following increased by 70,000 users on the day Elon Musk took over Twitter. The site is now at over half a million users.  

Following a similar concept to Twitter, Mastodon is an open-source and free social media platform. With the ability to create a personal or business profile, users can post copy, images, and videos on the platform. With the classic ‘followers’ format, users can increase their following and follow other accounts that interest them. Like Twitter, the posting system has a character limit, for Mastodon this is 500 characters. This keeps all posts short and sweet.

In contrast to Twitter, and many other social media platforms, Mastodon is decentralised, and no company or person runs it. A huge benefit to Mastodon users is that there are no ads. Whilst this provides less opportunities for paid marketing, there are some advantages; Utilising the new platform for organic marketing can capture a new market of social media users.

Shuffles by Pinterest

This mobile-only app is an extension of the already famous platform Pinterest. Shuffles was only soft launched in mid-2022, so there is plenty of time for this latest social media platform to grow. The concept of the platform is for collaborative collage and mood-board work. Essentially, users can work together to create boards that suit the theme or objective they’re looking for. The posts can also link back to Pinterest’s main site, directing users to Pinterest creators and products.

Offering new opportunities for businesses to work together, or work with influencers, the marketing potential for Shuffles is huge. Unlike, Mastodon, Shuffles is not starting from scratch. The reputation of Pinterest means that users are likely to trust the app and extend their social media usage from Pinterest onto Shuffles. The app encourages collaboration. So, whilst influencers might create board for certain businesses, their followers will be quick to see the content. Equally, like-minded businesses will have more opportunities to work together and reach new audiences.

Currently, the app works as invite-only, meaning it’s not ready to be used and utilised by all. However, those who have been trying it out (predominantly in the US) are finding it to be a hit with Gen-Z. Whilst it isn’t out to the public just yet, the success of its recent launch indicates that we could be seeing it become a huge social media hit of 2023.

Social Media in 2023

BeReal, Mastodon and Shuffles are not the only three platforms that are appearing on the scene. In 2023, we expect more names attempt to carve their way through the competitive industry. Keep an eye out for platforms such as the community network, Zion, the video and conversation tool, Discord, and the AI music video app, Triller.

Social Media might have seemed set in its ways, but change is coming. It’s impossible to predict what will take off and when. However, with Meta’s previous issues with data privacy, Twitter’s recent and chaotic rehaul, and a greater awareness about the impacts of social media on mental health, new platforms are likely to be a welcomed change. With that, comes more opportunities to capitalise on marketing opportunities.

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