Marketing for Linkedin

Marketing for LinkedIn: 8 Strategies for Your Business

With 756 million members and counting, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for B2B marketing, networking and finding job opportunities. Bursting with potential clients, headhunters, CEOs across countless industries, it’d be a shame not to use it to its full potential. Here are 7 strategies to use in your marketing for LinkedIn.

1. Set your goals

What do you want to achieve from using LinkedIn? Is it to connect with other businesses in your industry? Find your next employee? Or reach out to your client base? Clearly defining who you’re speaking to will inform your marketing material and connections you choose to make on the platform.

2. Identify your target audience

Next, you need to dive deeper to get to know your target audience. What issues are they facing? How can you help? What are some of the subjects they regularly discuss? Your marketing for LinkedIn needs to start conversations with your chosen demographic and offer solutions for them.

3. Create a compelling profile

LinkedIn is one of the few platforms that gives you ample amounts of space to share information about your company, so take advantage of that. Add photos, logos, write a compelling and detailed description of your story so far, current state of affairs, your purpose and future plans. This gives potential visitors a great overview and understanding whether you’re a good fit for their next project. Think of LinkedIn as your online CV!

4. Share helpful and educational content

Statistics show that LinkedIn users favour how-to, industry tips and other educational content. This is your chance to share your expertise on this platform! Anything from helpful posts to blogs and videos, this is where users will truly appreciate your knowledge and consume it more here than on other social media platforms.

5. Post photos and videos

Visual posts are great eye-catchers, so use photos and videos in your LinkedIn marketing! Avoid posting links to videos on other platforms, instead, upload them directly to LinkedIn. The platform favours native content and it will be seen by more users.

6. Republish your blogs

LinkedIn is a fantastic website to republish your blog posts! Instead of posting links to your blogs, you can post them directly on the platform, which is another way for you to add educational content. As of writing this article, there is no option to do it through your company profile, however, so make sure your personal profile links back to your business.

7. Keep an eye on the competition

LinkedIn offers a ‘Companies to track’ feature on their platform, so you can keep an eye on the competition. Select a few companies that are similar to yours. You can monitor their follower growth, engagement and other metrics. Analysing what works or doesn’t work for them can inspire your own marketing strategy.

8. Network!

Of course, the primary goal of using LinkedIn is its networking aspect. Use it to connect with other industry professionals and companies, but be mindful of the way you do it. Try to avoid cold-messaging and, instead, establish some rapport or familiarity with them before getting in touch. You can do this by engaging with their content or connecting with people in real life before reaching out to them on LinkedIn. Treat the platform as a networking event – you wouldn’t simply walk up to someone and give them your sales pitch, without listening to what they have to say or even simply having a casual conversation.

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