marketing trends for 2021

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2021

Good riddance to 2020 – we are sure it’s a year that will not be missed! While it was one of the most challenging for many of us, it has also created a huge impact on how we manage and market our businesses. Here we highlight the top 10 marketing trends for 2021, so you can turn things around and start your year off with a bang.

1. Digital is here to stay

Like it or not, 2020 has shown just how adaptable our work environments can be, and, as a result, many of us have no intention of going back to the office full-time. Working from home has enabled us to have more time to spend with our loved ones and focus on recreational activities, while reducing the costs of running an office, buying smart clothes, travelling etc.

marketing trends for 2021

2. The value of transparency and purpose

Due to a number of civil rights and social justice movements gaining more traction in 2020, consumers are keeping a closer eye on popular brands. Transparency on workers’ rights, manufacturing, environmental impact and equality and representation across all sectors are becoming key factors in buyers’ choices. It is one of the strongest marketing trends for 2021. In addition, brands that have a purpose which is reflected throughout their marketing were the most successful last year. Ask yourself, what do you stand for? What are your core values? These are the things that allow your audience to connect and resonate with your brand.

3. Customer driven curation

Customers are now expecting a much more personalised and intuitive experience from their favourite brands. Most consumers are aware that their data is being collected and they now expect brands to act on this information in a meaningful way by tailoring their offering, future suggestions and timing them based on their behaviours.

4. Going virtual

Virtual events grew in popularity due to necessity, however, we predict that this approach is here to stay. Virtual live events offer more accessibility as anyone with internet connection and a device can join in, no matter where they are. It is likely that live events will adopt a hybrid approach going forward. If you are planning to do so, we would recommend thinking about the experience of your virtual attendees. Instead of just broadcasting the event to them, how can you facilitate audience participation to make them feel like they are a valued part of it instead of simply spectating?

marketing trends for 2021

5. User-generated content

One of the biggest marketing trends for 2021 is user-generated content. Based on current data, this type of content creation is far more successful than brand-generated content. How can you apply it in your marketing? Encourage users to post photos and videos of your products and services. Actively engage with the content they create and show that you care about their involvement. This will motivate more of your audience to join in and, before you know it, you will have honest and engaging marketing content ready to use in your next campaigns.

6. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has proved successful for countless brands and it is here to stay among marketing trends for 2021, too. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, either – statistics show that micro and nano influencers with a following below 25k actually generate the highest engagement.

7. Importance of video

With pretty much every single platform being optimised for video, it’s certainly important to take advantage of in your marketing strategy. Analytics show that posts with video content create far more engagement than those without.

marketing trends for 2021

8. Social media shopping

Ecommerce shows no signs of slowing down and customers choose online shopping over hitting the High street, not only due to lockdown restrictions but also thanks to its ease and convenience. Social media platforms like Facebook have made it easy for consumers to shop directly from the platform and more and more people will begin using social media for shopping instead of just discovery. Make sure you take advantage of this feature!

9. Decluttering your social media

With so many social media platforms available, you should be on all of them, right? Wrong. One of the marketing trends for 2021 is to focus on fewer social media platforms that are right for your business and engage on them consistently. So figure out which social media platform is best for you and, most importantly, which one you enjoy using, and stick to that.

10. Voice search

Voice search is predicted to rise in popularity as it has been for the past couple of years. As we head into 2021, it’s important that your content is optimised for voice search as well as traditional search. Don’t know where to start? Check out or blog on voice search here.

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