Social Media Templates

Strengthen your brand on social media through consistent and representative visuals.

The Purpose of Social Media Templates

No one is better placed to manage the day to day running of your social media than you. You can react immediately; you know your business better than any agency can and you understand the context when customers or potential customers interact with your content. However, having a strategic social media plan, alongside professionally branded templates, makes the process run smoothly and ensures your business is visually represented in a consistent way, regardless of who is posting the content internally.

By creating social media design templates for you to utilise in-house, we can strengthen your brand on social media through consistent and representative visuals.

Our Social Media Templates Method

What’s included in MacMartin Social Media Templates?

Phase 1

Content categories

Working together, we will create a list of content categories required e.g. business news, new staff members, product highlight, service spotlight, information/advice, infographics.

Instagram Facebook TikTok Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

Phase 2


Working from our social media plan, or with your guidance, we will identify the best platforms and placements for the templates.

Phase 3

Formats: size & media type

We will then determine the mix of size, ratio and format of content required.

Phase 4

Template editability

Dependent upon your in-house software, we will determine if your templates are to be set up with Adobe Suite or Canva.

Phase 5

Number of templates

Based on the above, we will determine how many variations of each content category you will need, and the number of different formats that will be required.

Phase 6

Creation of templates

We will create the templates based on the above information, utilising the vision of our creative graphic designers.

Phase 7


Based on your feedback, we will make tweaks to the designs as required.

Phase 8


We will then hand over all templates for you to utilise ongoing.

Honest Added Value

Working to your brand guidelines, we will create a range of social media templates for a range of content and placements. When creating social media design templates, we work through the above process.

This will depend on the number of placements, categories and formats required. We recommend that you buy a bundle of design hours as the most cost-effective method. 10 pre-paid hours are charged at £650, 20 pre-paid hours are charged at £1,100.

Your team are free to use them as you wish. We will have created the templates in an easy to use format for your team; simply drop in an image and change the text.

You can easily create posts with a strong brand identity

Your team will save time on the creative side of social media posting

Your brand will look consistent across all platforms, regardless of who posted the content.

You won’t need to rely on an agency or designer each time you need to post.

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