Green Web Hosting

If the internet were a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter on the planet.

The Purpose of Green Web Hosting

We offer planet-friendly hosting that is beneficial to both the environment and your website users. We do this because we believe in the importance of making the internet a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly place without having to compromise. That’s why our green web hosting service is focused on providing lightening fast and secure hosting, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the internet.

Under our green web hosting, we offer hosting packages with many benefits, as well as website maintenance and additional low carbon services.

Our Green Web Hosting Method

What’s included in MacMartin Green Web Hosting?

One of the biggest contributors to the CO2 emissions of the internet is the energy used to power servers and data centres. Traditional web hosting companies often rely on non-renewable energy sources such as coal and natural gas, but our datacentre uses 100% renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Our datacentre is located in the UK, which ensures fast load speeds and reduces the carbon footprint of international data transfer.

We also use energy-efficient equipment in our operations. Our servers and cooling systems are designed to use less power, which means we can run our operations with a smaller environmental impact.

By choosing us to host your website, you can be sure that it will be hosted in an environmentally-friendly way. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing your part to make the internet a more sustainable place, all while enjoying fast load speeds and excellent support.

Benefits of our hosting...

100% renewable energy

Our data centre is run on 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and hydro sources.

Benefits of our hosting...

UK datacentre

Having our data centre in the UK reduces the carbon footprint of international data transfer and our CDN ensures users from overseas receive equally fast load speeds.

Benefits of our hosting...

Energy efficient

Not only do we use renewable energy, our cooling systems and servers are super efficient, designed to use less power.

Benefits of our hosting...

99.995% uptime guaranteed

Nobody wants a website that people can’t access. We’re that confident in our service, we guarantee 99.995% uptime.

Benefits of our hosting...

Free SSL

Every site hosted with us gets a free SSL certificate, maintaining security and giving your SEO a boost.

Benefits of our hosting...


Our data centre adheres to the highest level of security and is certified to BS27001, the international standard for data security.

For the full package, check out our low carbon web design service

Our Hosting Packages

All of our packages include carbon neutral hosting, an SSL certificate for security and CDN for fast load speeds. For large e-commerce and high traffic sites, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

For small brochure websites


£30 per month

For large brochure websites


£40 per month

For complex & e-commerce websites


£55 per month

Honest Added Value

At MacMartin, we really care about the environment and our planet; we’re not perfect, but we’re on a journey of incorporating sustainable practices into everything we do and offer, including our hosting services. With in-house sustainability champions researching and reviewing, you can be sure that by utilising our hosting services, you will always be doing at least one thing for the planet.

Website Maintenance

We also offer maintenance packages to help keep your website up-to-date, ensuring that your website remains secure whilst running smoothly and efficiently. These packages include website backups, regular updates to themes and plugins, and monthly reporting that starts from £50 per month.

Additional Services

Additional services...

Content updates

Ensure your online presence is always up-to-date.

Additional services...

Traffic analysis

Learn from how people are navigating your site.

Additional services...

Website audit

Identify areas of improvement.

Additional services...

Functionality testing

Regular testing of forms and other functionality.

Additional services...

Agile design

Continuously develop and improve your website.

Additional services...

Web support

Have our developers on hand to deal with any issues.

Green hosting reduces the carbon emissions associated with traditional web hosting, which is a significant contributor to global warming. By using renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, green hosting helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. There are also additional benefits such as improved performance due to the use of state-of-the-art technology and energy efficient hardware.

Our managed hosting packages start from £30 per month. You can view our full pricing here.

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Doing one more thing for the planet...

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