J.O. Sims Infused Fruit Collaboration with Ocean Spray Launch

It’s been getting fruity at MacMartin HQ! We’ve been busy working to market the launch of one of our clients, J.O. Sims. They have recently collaborated with Ocean Spray for a delicious new range of infused dried fruits. Here’s how we assisted with this exciting project…

Who are J.O. Sims?

Firstly, let’s introduce you to the customer at the centre of this project. J.O. Sims are one of the UK’s leading experts in fruit, specifically, supplying fresh fruit, fruit ingredients and snacks. They have over 1000 acres of fruit orchards worldwide, and are the UK’s largest supplier of wild blueberries and cranberries. Founded in 1896, this company has gone from strength to strength, thanks to building lasting relationships with growers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Through their connections, they are consistently identifying and developing new opportunities for UK and international customers.

Infused Fruit Collaboration with Ocean Spray

So, what’s this tasty collaboration that we have been working on? J.O. Sims have collaborated with Ocean Spray® Cranberries to add a new line of products to their extensive range. They are launching a new line of infused dried fruit, which make the perfect addition to your cereal or a delicious, key ingredient in snacks and baked goods. In addition to J.O. Sims and Ocean Spray, there is another key contributor to this project. Our client has been able to facilitate this development through their stake in Zarecki Foods, a Polish fruit ingredient processor who have invested in an environmentally friendly vacuum infusion plant.

Where do MacMartin come in?

With all the logistics, great planning, environmental considerations and, of course, delicious fruit in place, it was up to us to market this project! Here’s what we did..

Market research – we started by researching potential audience for this project, which informed the rest of the marketing materials

Creation of sample box packaging – this packaging included two variations of inserts for cherries and blueberries


Email campaigns – emails are a great way to reach your target audience and provide large amounts of information in an accessible, visually pleasing way


PR article – you can read the article on J.O. Sims website, which introduces visitors and customers to the new line of products

Presentations – these are great visual aids to introduce clients to the new range

LinkedIn campaign – as this product launch is focused on B2B, it was decided that LinkedIn was the best social media platform to target. Our team produced organic and sponsored posts, which are performing well on the platform, once again, highlighting the important role of market research. Performing our research early on, helped us promoted our sponsored posts to the right demographic, using the information we learned.

Designing assets for marketing materials – everything from email signatures to social media posts and more helped us solidify the branding message for our client.

Brochure – last but by no means least, the brochure was one of the key assets to introduce clients to the tasty new range of Ocean Spray® infused dried fruits! In addition to the physical copy, we made this online version for you to browse here.


The result

Working with a customer like J.O. Sims was fantastic! Having already developed a great product, it was simply up to us to ensure it is presented well and, most importantly, marketed to the right customer. There was a lot to cover from market research to graphic design, email and social media marketing. Consequently, the project took from February to June to fully come to fruition (no pun intended). But it was so worth it! We are really pleased to see it rolled out into the UK market. Maybe you’ll get to taste these Ocean Spray® infused fruits the next time you buy your cereal or snack.

Do you have a project that needs an experienced marketing team?

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