Behaviour Change Marketing

We can reach the right people with impactful messaging to elicit behaviour change.

The Purpose of Behaviour Change Marketing

Ethical marketing is at the heart of what we do; including marketing with a social and environmental conscience. It makes us incredibly proud to be a part of driving change for the better through the delivery of behavioural research driven marketing campaigns.

Through research, strategy, media and creative, we can implement behaviour change marketing to reach the right people with impactful messaging to elicit the desired result.

Our Behaviour Change Marketing Method

Our methodology is built upon research and our extensive understanding of people and what makes them behave in the way that they do. 

Phase 1


We delve deep into understanding and challenging the purpose and rationale behind the campaign. We do this to help you to set campaign goals and desired behaviour outcomes.

Phase 2


We begin with research and engagement with the audience. We then purposefully plan the campaign, create initial concepts and receive feedback. Finally, we test the campaign before rolling it out in full.

Phase 3


We continually run in-house evaluations throughout the testing phase and the live campaign. We then complete a full evaluation against the goals and measure the desired behaviour outcomes.

Phase 4


When it comes to behaviour change, it is beneficial to society as a whole to share our key findings and learnings from the campaign. It means others can learn from or advance the field of work.

Behaviour Change Campaign Types

Campaign Purpose...

To change consumer behaviour

Campaign Purpose...

To change staff behaviour and culture

Campaign Purpose...

To help people to start positive behaviours

Campaign Purpose...

To help people to stop negative behaviours

Our team of specialist advisors and associates

At MacMartin, we know what we are good at – marketing communications and design. We are really lucky to have a talented team of specialist advisors around us to call upon when expert assistance, research and advice are required.

CEO of John Taylor MAT, RG (WM) AB member, NLE, FCCT

Mike Donoghue - Education Advisor

Responsible for 17 schools, a Teaching Hub and a Research School in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. A National Leader of Education. A member of the DofE’s Secondary Headteacher Reference Group. Key contributions to behaviour change campaigns may include: Campaign concept feedback for communication campaigns relating to children.

Public sector communications and engagement specialist

Jonathan Leach - Comms Advisor

One of the first professional Police Heads of Communication in the UK. Communications lead for Emergency Services Mobile Programme (ESMCP). Key contributions to behaviour change campaigns may include: Communicating sensitive and complex messages.

Social researcher and Masters of Social Sciences student

Lucia McLaughlin - Social Researcher

An experienced social researcher with expertise in researching complex social topics. Key contributions to behaviour change campaigns may include: Research methods and creation of questionnaires to obtain objective data.

CEO of Safe and Sound Group

Tracy Harrison - Young People Advisor

Working on the ground across Derbyshire, tackling child exploitation. Having worked as a Police Officer at all levels from Constable to Superintendent; and force lead for children and young people. Key contributions to behaviour change campaigns may include: The provision of research and data on the immediate issues being faced at a local, regional and national level.

Honest Added Value

There are many ways in which we can help with your campaign mission. All focus is on building emotional connections with your target audience and persuading people to act, whilst giving them the opportunity to do so. We approach all of our marketing campaigns with our tried and tested four-step methodology: purpose; method; evaluation; learnings.

The Behaviour Change Wheel

Model of Behaviour

Alongside other theories, we utilise the COM-B model of behaviour to help us understand what drives behaviour, how decisions are made, and, therefore, how we can change it for the better.

The Behaviour Change Wheel

This wheel uses the initial three components of capability, opportunity and motivation to provide seven ‘policy categories’ and nine ‘intervention functions’, which can be used to develop effective behaviour change interventions. The policy categories facilitate the interventions, allowing them to be used to encourage change in one of the three main areas of the COM-B model.

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Our services

We have big ideas, creative brains and a passion for behavioural science. We help organisations to create health, social and environmental change campaigns, all aimed at changing the behaviour and attitudes of the target audience for good. Here is a little more about what we can do to help your campaign succeed, in ways which mean more to you than financial gain.

Research and Behavioural Insights

Members of the Market Research Society (MRS), we utilise scientific research methods and behavioural insights to better understand existing behaviour and how to incite desired behaviours within your community.

Campaign Strategy and Management

With the information gained from research and behavioural insights, our senior marketing and communications team will create a purposeful strategy to achieve the desired results, and your dedicated campaign manager will co-ordinate, co-create and oversee the entire campaign process.

Digital and Creative

With an in-house team of designers, copywriters and paid media specialists, we can bring your campaign to life; creating impactful visuals, compelling content and ensuring optimal reach to your intended audience.

Campaign Evaluation

Understanding the impact of a campaign is essential to asses financial and social value, as well as efficacy for future learning. We can provide both digital evaluations and full independent evaluations.

Memberships & Accreditations

As a full-service marketing and design agency, we have the skills, knowledge, experience and technology to deliver impactful campaigns.

Marketing strategy

Research and insights

Media buying

Copywriting and PR

Graphic design and illustration

Social media marketing

Web design and UX

Search engine marketing

Photography and video

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