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Marketing for LinkedIn: 8 Strategies for Your Business

With 756 million members and counting, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for B2B marketing, networking and finding job opportunities. Bursting with potential clients, headhunters, CEOs across countless industries,
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Marketing for Online Business after Lockdown

Despite the devastation of the global pandemic, it has been great to see so many emerging entrepreneurs. Many people finally realised their dream of having their own business, saw an
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J.O. Sims Infused Fruit Collaboration with Ocean Spray Launch

It’s been getting fruity at MacMartin HQ! We’ve been busy working to market the launch of one of our clients, J.O. Sims. They have recently collaborated with Ocean Spray for
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Pre-launch Marketing Ideas for your Business

Many of us are stuck for ideas on how to market our business and products even when we’ve launched and it’s already there. But how do you market something that
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Your Website Homepage Checklist!

Your website is, effectively, your online shop window. It needs to look great, represent your brand and invite customers in. It should be easy to navigate, so they have a
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Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Where words fail, font speaks…isn’t that the saying? Font is a crucial part of your branding! Different fonts have different ‘personalities’ that need to align with your company’s message. We’d
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How User Experience Design Can Improve Your SEO

In our most recent blog, we talked about the new Google Page Experience Update. With this algorithm, Google are placing more emphasis on browsing experience, alongside website content. This closely
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Google Page Experience Update: What Can We Expect?

Google are launching a new algorithm, set to take place from June 2021. It’s the Google Page Experience Update and it will focus on user experience of your website, rather
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Walker Consultancy: Start-Up Package

Recently, we talked about our start-up package for businesses. This week, we’d like to introduce you to one of our recent clients and talk about the package we created for
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5 Podcast Audio Tips for Beginners

Podcasts are great for connecting with your audience and providing additional content for your business. They are easy to get started with even the smallest of budgets and minimal equipment.
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MacMartin Start Up Business Kit

First impressions are so important. You will never get to have another launch of your new business, so you want it to have the best possible start. Our MacMartin start
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Top Social Media Trends 2021

Earlier this year, Hubspot released their report on social media trends 2021. In this blog, we wanted to take a closer look at them, how relevant they might be to
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