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Product Photography: 5 Ways It Can Boost Your Business

Photography has become accessible to everyone. It is easier than ever to take a photo with your phone and upload it directly to your website. So why should you still
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Increase Your Organic Reach with These 5 Tips!

Organic reach is declining across all social media platforms. If you are posting to your audience and achieving a disproportionately small amount of likes and comments, you are not alone!
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Privacy and Cookies Policy – Your Responsibilities

You’ve probably seen privacy and cookies policy pop up countless times while browsing other websites. Likely, you might have simply clicked ‘accept’ to make it go away, as many people
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5 Tips for Creating Eye Catching Ads

In today’s saturated online environment, we are constantly bombarded by ads. Selling us everything from things we need to products we never thought we’d want! It’s easy to see how
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The Importance of Visual Content

It’s difficult to imagine our world without visuals. If all movies, entertainment and educational content was replaced with only audio or text, it would truly be a sad world to
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B2B Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Business to business or B2B marketing is a little different to traditional, B2C or business to consumer marketing. Casual consumers will have varying buying motivations, broader target audience and are
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How to Get Your Website Found on Google

When you’re looking for products or services, where do you turn for help aside from friends and family? Google, of course! We all start by searching for something to match
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Marketing for LinkedIn: 8 Strategies for Your Business

With 756 million members and counting, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for B2B marketing, networking and finding job opportunities. Bursting with potential clients, headhunters, CEOs across countless industries,
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Marketing for Online Business after Lockdown

Despite the devastation of the global pandemic, it has been great to see so many emerging entrepreneurs. Many people finally realised their dream of having their own business, saw an
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J.O. Sims Infused Fruit Collaboration with Ocean Spray Launch

It’s been getting fruity at MacMartin HQ! We’ve been busy working to market the launch of one of our clients, J.O. Sims. They have recently collaborated with Ocean Spray for
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Pre-launch Marketing Ideas for your Business

Many of us are stuck for ideas on how to market our business and products even when we’ve launched and it’s already there. But how do you market something that
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Your Website Homepage Checklist!

Your website is, effectively, your online shop window. It needs to look great, represent your brand and invite customers in. It should be easy to navigate, so they have a
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