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Top Social Media Trends 2021

Earlier this year, Hubspot released their report on social media trends 2021. In this blog, we wanted to take a closer look at them, how relevant they might be to
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7 Ways to Market Your Business Locally

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the UK, many businesses are once again rethinking their marketing strategy. Up until recently, we were targeting our efforts towards reaching a wider
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10 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

You’ve got a website…At first, it was working great, but months or years down the line, you might notice it’s no longer performing as well as it should. You’re not
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Marketing Your Business in a Regulated Industry

There tends to be a sense of uniformity across regulated industries like finance, law and education. This is completely understandable, as you have so many requirements to adhere to by
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Google is Phasing out Broad Match Modifier Keywords

In February this year, Google announced they will be phasing out their Broad Match Modifier keywords. This is a new change that will be gradually introduced until July, when Broad
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What is a Brand Guidelines Document?

Creating brand guidelines is so important for a successful marketing campaign. Considering that both digital and traditional marketing largely centres around raising brand awareness, consistent branding will make people immediately
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10 Creative Web Design Trends 2021

Recently, we looked at graphic design trends for this year. This time, we wanted to take a closer look at web design trends 2021. This is a great way to
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Favicon: The Tiny Yet Powerful Branding Tool

Which one of us hasn’t had countless tabs open at the same time as we are studying, researching or perhaps shopping for something special! How are you able to distinguish
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2021 Design Trends: What Can We Expect to See?

2020 has been a momentous year for all of us. It has been a period of loss, social change and greater appreciation of our normal lives. The aftermath of events
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Accessible Website Design: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

If you have physical premises for your business, you have likely made them accessible to customers with disabilities. But what about your website? This is something that many people overlook,
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5 Online Monetisation Methods for Your Business

With 2021 looking to become another challenging year for businesses, it’s time to get creative and see how you can generate more income online! There are a few ways to
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The Benefits of User Generated Content

We hear it all the time that ‘content is king’! However, it can seem daunting to constantly think of new ways to create engaging, shareable content. It can also get
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