The Benefits of User Generated Content

We hear it all the time that ‘content is king’! However, it can seem daunting to constantly think of new ways to create engaging, shareable content. It can also get pretty expensive and time-consuming very quickly. Especially, when you have other business activities to attend to. But what if you let your audience create that content for you? This is where you can really reap the benefits of user generated content. It can be anything that your customers post online about your brand from tweets to stories, photos and videos. Here’s how it can help your company and the best practices for sharing it.

Why user generated content?

Sure, you can create branded content from low budget ideas made entirely on your phone to high-value productions. But who do we, as customers, trust the most? Other people. One of the key reasons why more and more brands are encouraging user generated content is that it creates authenticity and credibility. That’s because it’s made by the people who already use your products and services.

In addition to building trust, user-generated content also makes customers feel like they are part of a community. Many of them enjoy seeing their content shared on another platform. It also shows how responsive you are to your audience and this builds a more personal relationship with potential customers.

In addition, one of the benefits of user generated content is it gives you an insight into your products and services from an audience perspective. It could provide you with fresh marketing ideas, act as a sounding board, even generate insightful customer feedback. Not to mention, it builds up a library of content you can use for your social media.

How to encourage sharing

One of the best ways to encourage users to share your products and services is, simply ask. We would recommend having a plan in place so you can let them know the type of content you’d love to see and the hashtags you’d like them to use. For example, sharing it in stories, posting photos of them enjoying the products etc. Whatever it is, there’s no harm in giving a bit of guidance. To the audience, this also increases their chances of it being shared.

Another great practice is to give your audience a reason to share. A quick competition with photos and videos as the entry method will provide you with ample amounts of content you can share in the future. Don’t forget to engage with your customers, like and share their content, as it shows others the way you treat and look after your audience even after they’ve made a purchase. Staying connected and showing genuine interest in their feedback will encourage more people to share their experiences.

Best practices for sharing user-generated content

One of the key things to remember is you should always ask before sharing someone’s content on your platform! Never assume that people are comfortable with having their photos and videos shared to a wider audience. You should always credit the original creator and find out how they’d like to be credited – would they like you to tag their account for example? These little things really matter in building a relationship with your audience and showing that you genuinely care about them. Regardless, if they are comfortable sharing the content or not, you should do your best to acknowledge all posts that are shared about your brand and use the feedback to your benefit.

Don’t forget to search social media platforms for posts you might have missed!

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