Google Ads Set Up

So that your budget is well looked after, and your Ads are served to as many of your target audience as possible.

The Purpose of Google Ads Set Up

Google Ads is an incredible platform which enables you to serve your Ads to people who are looking for your product or service, at a time when they are ready to act (research, contact or purchase). Google Ads will drive relevant traffic to your website utilising a mixture of campaign types.

Google Ads acts as a digital ‘leveller’, and will allow small businesses to compete with much larger businesses within Google search results. It is a highly measurable and effective way to market your business.

As a specialist Google Ads agency, we take the set-up of our Google Ads accounts very seriously. We believe that great Google Ads accounts are set up based on detailed initial research. By working with a Google Ads Agency, you can be confident that your budget has been well looked after, and your Ads will be served to as many of your target audience as possible.

Our Google Ads Offering

As a Google Ads Agency, we offer the following services:

We offer...

Google search ads

These are the text ads that you usually see at the top and bottom of Google Search results. After conducting our key phrase research, we carefully write compelling ad copy, select or create appropriate landing pages, and manage bids to ensure you get the most out of your budget whilst achieving leads or conversions.

We offer...

Google shopping ads

If you sell products on your website, Google Shopping ads is a must. We are experienced in driving high conversion rates and profitable shopping ad campaigns for e-commerce businesses. Using your product feed, we can show your products to people who are searching for what you sell online, dramatically increasing your visibility and conversion rate.

We offer...

Targeted re-marketing

Targeted re-marketing is an effective way of managing ads based on how likely it is that the user will buy your product or enlist your services. You can re-market to those who have been on your website previously and show adverts to them on the Google Display Network, encouraging them to return to your site and complete a conversion.

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Our Google Ads Set Up Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Google Ads Set Up?

Phase 1


Before we begin to think about setting up your Google Ads account, we dive deep into your business and the data. We will seek to learn the ins and outs of your business, products/services and your target audience. We will research your competition, carry out extensive keyword research and identify opportunities.

Phase 2

Campaign planning

All well-respected Google Ads Agencies will create a campaign plan which aligns with the overall business objectives and set specific goals for Google Ads. Here we will decide on the budget, focus, purpose, messaging and tone of voice for each campaign.

Phase 3

Account set up

If you don’t already have a Google Ads Account set up, we will create one for you under our management account.

Phase 4

Conversion tracking

We will track all actions that deliver action to your website, whether that is the purchase of a product, a brochure download, or a contact form submission. We will track each conversion then evaluate the return on Ad spend (ROAS).

Phase 5

Campaign build

We will build granular Google Ads campaigns, enabling us to drill down when the data comes in, and improving your ROI as a result.

Phase 6


When we initially launch a Google Ads campaign, we keep a very close eye on it. We are laser focused on helping you to earn the very best return on your advertising investment. For a period of two weeks after launch, we will monitor your campaigns very closely.

Phase 7


Once the initial launch phase has been completed, we recommend that you take a look at our Google Ads Management service.

Google Ads Partner

We're a Google Ads Partner

As a Google Ads Partner, we have many years’ experience managing Google Ads for our clients. Being a trusted partner means that we receive regular training and meet the high standards set by Google to earn Partner status. Ad accounts that we manage have a fantastic track record of achieving (and usually far exceeding) the desired results for our clients.

Honest Added Value

We use our experience, as well as data driven insights and our trademark creativity, to create high performing campaigns that make a tangible difference to your business.

This will depend on the number of campaigns. As a guide, you could expect a Google Ads set up to take 2-4 days (over a period of 2-3 weeks from initial meeting). This will cost from £850 as a one-off fee.

From start to finish, the processes will take 2-3 weeks from initial kick off meeting. After this call and with access to your Google Ads account (if you have one), we will work through the following steps:

Set up a meeting to discuss your business in more detail.

Organic keyword research on your website.

Competitor Google Ads research.

Keyword research for Google Ads.

Campaign planning.

Account set up (if not already set up).

Campaign build – Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Extensions and Targeting.

Go live and test.

Option to manage Google Ads ongoing.

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