Going Digital during Pandemic

Going Digital: Adapting your Marketing in the Current Climate

The last few months has been a challenging time for all businesses, particularly, SMEs as they have had to navigate a very sudden shift in consumer habits as well as restructuring their operations to protect employees and customers. Going digital during pandemic is inevitable in order to survive and thrive in the current climate, so we wanted to share our experience of adapting a marketing strategy for one of our clients.  

Marketing strategy for John Taylor Free School

Recently, we have been working with John Taylor Free School to adapt their marketing strategy and create a virtual experience for potential students and parents who will not be able to attend their open event. This is a challenge faced by many education providers, especially, as open days are crucial opportunities for customers to find out more about the organisation and a chance for the educators to show what they can offer.

Creating a digital experience with a personal feel

When working with John Taylor Free School, it was important for us to go above and beyond to provide all the information parents and students will want to know about the school and introduce the staff and school facilities as well as possible. We created a virtual open event and shot the following promo video for the school: 

Play Video about Going Digital during Pandemic

Video content works great, as it allows potential customers to get a better feel for your organisation and they are more likely to engage with it compared to long paragraphs of text. It’s also great for branding and a well shot and edited video creates a good first impression.

We adapted their existing prospectus to function digitally, including links to their virtual open event and also filmed and edited a variety of videos including a virtual tour of the schoolintroductions to teachers and presentation from the Head of School. By working alongside the school to generate these ideas for the virtual event, it successfully compiled all of the necessary information prospective students would need to capture a glimpse of what to expect at John Taylor Free School.

Going Digital during Pandemic

Going digital during pandemic: what should you focus on?

If you are having to change your marketing strategy to conform to the currently unpredictable and changing consumer habits, start by finding out how your customers would like to access your services. You can easily conduct social media polls and surveys to understand what they’d like to see from you. Then, think of the services you already offer and how you can provide a similar, personal experience to your customers online and even offer something extra that would make you stand out among your competitors who are also trying to adapt their digital marketing strategy.

As you move your services online, don’t be afraid to expand your customer base. For example, if you run dance classes locally, you could offer them virtually and gain new customers from a wider area or pretty much anywhere in the world! Consumers sometimes expect to pay less for online services, so this could also be a way for you to make up some of that income by bringing your offering to more people simultaneously. Don’t forget to keep maintaining your social media and update your website to ensure you’re getting noticed and rank higher on search engines.

Not sure where to start? We can help!

We know the feeling of being so engrossed in your business that you may not feel like you have the time or the expertise to think about your digital marketing strategy. We can give you one less thing to worry about. We are a full-service marketing agency consisting of a small team of talented creatives who can take care of everything from graphic design, social media and content creation to search engine optimisation and website design. Get in touch with us to find out more!