John Taylor SCITT

The JT SCITT is a Staffordshire based bespoke training centre, on the site of John Taylor High School, providing the highest standard of initial teacher training.


Established a strong brand identity

22% increase in website visitors

An intuitive, user-experience orientated website

The brief

The brief was in two halves; they needed to promote teaching as a career and improve understanding of the application process, as well as increase applications to their programme specifically and attendance at their informational events through a new website.  


The solution

One of the initial issues we identified was an excess of information and specialist language surrounding online resources about getting into teaching. To avoid the possibility of this confusing people, and putting them off, we tackled the problem by condensing information down into easily accessible chunks, ensuring language was understandable to everyone, and by creating a bespoke website that clearly mapped out the SCITT’s services and processes.

When crafting the website, we also wanted to place a lot of emphasis on why the SCITT should be people’s training provider of choice. We therefore identified their key USPs, that they’re a small, passionate, teacher-led provider, and designed their site around these core values.

The SCITT need to continuously advertise and attract new applicants, so we also run their social media, crafting them a knowledgeable, informative social presence, and combining this with ongoing social and google recruitment ads.

See our work in action...

The results

We have successfully established a strong brand identity on their social media, highlighting them as a reliable, knowledgeable voice within the industry and our ongoing Adwords campaign has also resulted in a 22% increase in website visitors over 12 months. Most importantly, we created an intuitive, user-experience orientated website to stand at their heart of their business and marketing.

We have worked collaboratively with MacMartin for many years. They are professional, responsive, and proactive in getting the job done. They look after our website, social media, and print brochures. This has translated to an upturn in enquiries and increased awareness of our business in the local area.

We would wholly recommend MacMartin to anyone who is considering making contact with them!

Leah Axten

John Taylor SCITT

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