Start Up Business Kit

MacMartin Start Up Business Kit

First impressions are so important. You will never get to have another launch of your new business, so you want it to have the best possible start. Our MacMartin start up business kit can be tailored to your requirements. Let us help you get your branding right from the get go…

Streamline your marketing

Many businesses get off to a rocky start with mismatched fonts, colours and inconsistent branding. By finalising all these details before you launch, you instantly appear more professional and intentional in all your marketing materials. Deciding on your logo, colours, typography and overall message is key. You should also consider how you’d like to market your business. This could be through social media, traditional marketing, newsletters or a combination of a few marketing methods.

What will you need to get started?

We can help you create your start up business kit by using the market research and your USP, which you have likely already done when you first conceptualised your business. This information will inform your company’s message, the target audience and, therefore, the graphic design that will connect with the right customers. Getting some initial ideas from other, similar brands can also help you narrow down the vision for your start-up business.

How can we help?

Let us take care of the stress of launching a business by creating professional, branded marketing materials! These can be tailored to your business and include anything and everything from a website to business cards, posters, leaflets, social media templates, email marketing templates and more. We can provide all you need to get off to a fantastic start with a great marketing strategy and branding. With our start up business kit, your company can make a great first impression and appear consistent and professional across all of your marketing channels.

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