Brand Guidelines

For a consistent and recognisable brand, we recommend brand guidelines.

The Purpose of Brand Guidelines

Guidelines ensure your brand’s identity is consistent and recognisable to your target audience. They should include your values, tone of voice and key messaging alongside rules and instructions for the visual elements of your brand such as logo usage, typography, colours, imagery and graphics.

The Importance of Brand Guidelines

Reason #1

Maintain consistency

Ensuring your brand’s visuals and messaging are used consistently across all platforms and touchpoints will help to build brand recognition.

Reason #2

Build trust

Presenting a clear, consistent and cohesive brand identity will help to establish a strong reputation and inspire confidence.

Reason #3

Facilitate collaboration

Providing a common reference for everyone involved in creating and sharing branded collateral will help teams work towards a common goal.

Reason #4

Ensure quality

Setting clear guidelines will ensure branded visuals and communication meet a high standard, helping to enhance brand reputation.

Haven’t got all the elements of your branding yet?

Our Brand Guidelines Method

What’s included in MacMartin Brand Guidelines?

Phase 1


If you do not yet have all elements of your branding established, we recommend we first facilitate a brand workshop. If you already have an established brand, we will arrange a discovery session where we develop a clear understanding of your brand identity, target market, positioning, visuals and goals. We will leave this session with the confidence and clarity that will enable us to create your guidelines.

Phase 2


We will create a full set of guidelines which will include:

Phase 3


We’ll send the guidelines document to your for feedback. Once we have gone through the snagging process and made any requested amends, we will send the document over to you for distribution. We recommend that you train your team on how to use them effectively, we can help with this if required.

Honest Added Value

We have created a fair few guidelines at MacMartin, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. We will work with you to really get to know your business inside-and-out so that we can get your branding right for your company and it’s customers.

Guidelines help to bring consistency and quality to your visuals and messaging. They ensure everyone is representing the brand effectively, helping to build trust and recognition.

We usually allow 7-10 working days from the brand workshop or discovery session to the delivery of the brand guidelines document. Pricing starts from £550.

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