SEO Audit

Get a better picture of your current SEO situation.

The Purpose of an SEO Audit

Gone are the days when you could build a website, and people would stumble across it. The competition online is vast, meaning you must work hard to be visible (but I promise you it’s worth it!). MacMartin offer an SEO Audit service to get a better picture of your current situation, which can be used to form the basis of an ongoing SEO plan and strategy.  

Whether you have a brand new website or have been working on your SEO for a while, an SEO audit is a good place to begin, evaluate and plan for the future.

Our SEO Audit Method

What’s included in a MacMartin SEO Audit?

Phase 1

Technical SEO

By carrying out a website audit, we will get a better understanding of any technical errors that could be affecting your SEO – such as broken links and missing meta data. Many of these errors can be fixed within your website and will have a significant impact of your SEO performance.

Phase 2

On-page SEO

We will review your website content, see which pages are currently ranking on google for relevant keywords and review the amount of content. We will also look into the type of content you are using on your website.

Phase 3

Off-page SEO

As part of the SEO Audit service, we will complete a backlink audit report to determine the quality links, as well as the spammy links that should be removed.

Honest Added Value

Once we have completed the audit, we’ll have a better understanding of your current SEO position and will be able to present our findings to you. We do this in the form of a report, as well as taking the time to talk you through the report and our recommendations in person or virtually.

As with everything we do at MacMartin, we will keep it simple and help you to understand how this relates to your goals and objectives.

Our SEO Audits cost £450. This includes a technical, on page and off page audit report for you to implement as you wish, plus a meeting to discuss the report and our recommendations.

You can use the SEO audit to put together an SEO strategy and plan designed to increase your online visibility. This can be put together by your in-house team, or an agency like ours, depending on the skills and expertise you have access to. There will also be some immediate actions that you can address by sharing with your website developer.

The only access we need is to your Google Analytics and/or Google Merchant Centre accounts if you have these set up.

It will help you to identify any technical issues on your website that may impact on your search visibility.

It will identify keywords that you current rank for (particularly useful if you are building a new website and want to ensure key pages are not effected).

The data provided will enable you to create a clear SEO strategy.

It provides you with a benchmark to measure your growth.

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