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The Purpose of a Social Media Audit

A social media audit will help you to identify what works for your business and establish how valuable your measurement tools are to you. It is also a great opportunity to analyse your competition and audit your social media activity against theirs; utilising our marketing knowledge to review your messaging, graphics and content as a whole.

Whether you have an in-house social media team, or utilise an agency, our social media audits can help you to understand where you are now, and the contribution your social media marketing has towards your organisation’s goals. Once you know where you are, we can help you to plan where you want to be with our social media marketing plan.

Our Social Media Audit Method

What’s included in a MacMartin Social Media Audit?

Phase 1

Routes to social media pages

Your social media pages may exist, but how are people getting to them? Where do you want social media to be in your lead / sales funnel?

Phase 2

Social media platforms in use

Each social media platform has its own audience and features – which platforms are you using, and which platforms may be being neglected?

Phase 3

Key statistics of overall pages

We take a look at the key statistics – how much influence does your social media presence have at the moment?

Phase 4

Social media content (including cross platform)

How does your content fit into what your audience is hoping to see? Are you repeating yourself across all platforms? How consistent and powerful is your brand?

Phase 5

Key content statistics

Which features and content types do your audience engage with most? What commonalities are there? Does this differ between platforms?

Phase 6

Use features

Are you making the most of the latest features on the platforms that you use?

Phase 7

Organic and paid

If you run Paid Ads on social media, we want to take a look at the data, audience targeting and campaign results; and then compare this to your organic content and results.

Phase 8


How engaged is your audience with your content? Are there common themes? How engaged are you with your online community?

Phase 9

Action taken

What happens after your target audience has seen your post?

Phase 10

Competitor analysis

We will review your social media competition, and feed back with both data and our observations.

Phase 11

Success and room for improvement

We will identify what is working well for you and highlight where there is room for improvement.

Honest Added Value

When carrying out a social media audit, we begin by taking a step back. We will review the journey of your target audience from before they have even reached your social media, to how they convert into a lead or sale.

Our Social media audits cost £680. This includes a pre-audit meeting to discuss your overall business goals, concerns and how you plan to utilise the audit. It also includes both the creation of a social media audit and a meeting to discuss the outcome.

This audit can be a stand-alone piece of work to assess where you are at a point in time, or it can be used to influence a social media plan, to ensure successes and recommendations are part of the next steps.

We will need access to your Google Analytics accounts, as well as access to all of your active social media accounts at review level.

It will allow you to reflect on past performance.

It is likely that recommendations will be raised that will save you time and increase the success of your social media campaigns.

The data and insights provided will enable you (or us) to create a social media plan.

It provides you with a benchmark to measure your growth.

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