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Website Homepage Checklist

Your Website Homepage Checklist

Your website is, effectively, your online shop window. It needs to look great, represent your brand and invite customers in. It should be easy to

Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Choosing the Right Font for your Brand

Where words fail, font speaks…isn’t that the saying? Font is a crucial part of your branding! Different fonts have different ‘personalities’ that need to align

Podcast Audio Tips

5 Podcast Audio Tips for Beginners

Podcasts are great for connecting with your audience and providing additional content for your business. They are easy to get started with even the smallest

Start Up Business Kit

MacMartin Start Up Business Kit

First impressions are so important. You will never get to have another launch of your new business, so you want it to have the best

Social Media Trends 2021

Top Social Media Trends 2021

Earlier this year, Hubspot released their report on social media trends 2021. In this blog, we wanted to take a closer look at them, how